The Story Of Majemu Oluwa Parish, Pleasure Bus Stop

January 24, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 2 Comments »

Jolapamo Isaac After receiving series of calls from many quarters about the story of Majemu Oluwa Pleasure being taken over by MFM as told to us by one of the members of the church, it has come to our notice that such a story is not good for the image of the church.

Also, the amiable personality shipping magnate who has lived all his life doing God’s work, Chief Isaac Jolapamo, we were informed, has remained a supporter of God’s cause concerning the church activities even after he has left the church for MFM as guest.

Well, we might have been wrongly fed with this piece of information and we are sorry for our error having realised the stand of the church that such matters never happen and we believe it never did.

We take responsibility for whatever the story might have caused anyone.

Alonge Michael


2 responses to “The Story Of Majemu Oluwa Parish, Pleasure Bus Stop”

  1. Bro.Ayodeji Akanbi says:

    Everybody or most people today,wants to say something about this Fold.But,unfortunately for them,they are not in the position to do that!You want to say something about God’s work in order to gain attention,no way!Don’t judge whoever God Has not judged,and stop meddling in the matter that less concerns you…Whoever doesn’t know the genealogy of A House,can never be A Solution Oriented fellow in that house..Ponder on this.

  2. Houndeyin Francis says:

    You have just nailed one of the main points if not the STRONGEST, that is causing divisions.
    Landlord Shepherds
    Lack of proper accountability
    Lack of fear of God
    Poor or better still non- existing leadership management.

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