The Supernatural Power Behind Altar Cloth…Heals Pregnant Woman Of Turbulence

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Some years ago during the life of late Founder SBJ Oshoffa, it was revealed that Baba Owodunni gave the church a certain amount of money and Papa Oshoffa went into the altar, removed the altar cloth and wrapped it on Baba Owodunni’s body and said hence forth, he would forever be a leader and that no one would be able to overpower him. Is that prayer answered today or not?

Well, for those who don’t know about the church or those who think they can aide the work of God with diabolical means, this is a story you need to read and change you other way to this way of salvation given to mankind through a carpenter.

Shepherd Jihmartha Mimo

This is what we got from one of the Parishes of this great Church, CCC. Jihmarta Mimo parish“THERE IS POWER IN CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST ALTAR CLOTH. Last week Friday 27th of Jan. 2017, early in the morning around 1am, a pregnant lady with about five months pregnancy, was about to lose her pregnancy she was complaining about her tummy being seriously aching and she was at the same time crying. Suddenly she could not breathe very well again, people gathered around her shouting and wailing.

I sent them away and was led into the altar where I removed the altar cloth, changed it with another one, cover the pregnant lady it. I sang- “Baba a ni wakati yi”, and pray for her.  Within a few minutes she slept off, when she woke up, the stomach pain had stopped. I told the husband to take her to the hospital immediately for medical checkup. At the medical centre, it was revealed that there was no problem with her pregnancy. Halleluyah! The God of Celestial liveth, my advice, don’t use demonic power with Christ. When you are using demonic power, charms, juju, darkness power, and so on  you are telling God that He is not capable. You cannot help God, My God is not a magician, but a MIRACLE WORKER. Halleluyah.”

That was from Jihmartha Mimo shepherd. Jesus Is Lord

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