The Tsunami In CCC Is Getting Closer

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“I will continue to say this to you, what we have now is leadership by punishment from God as a result of our flagrant disobedience to God’s warning. He decided to visit us in our own way by endowing us with an earthly king not a revered anointed man of God. So many obvious mistakes we are experiencing is as a result of God’s readiness to clean his church and let Celestial Church of Christ be restored from her spiritual blindness, we are blind to the secret of the kingdom.

The revolution that will take place in Celestial Church of Christ is divinely and will be strategic. The Tsunami in CCC is getting closer. If you could recollect, globally there has been peace in CCC even though various factions have been in talking about terms on how to come together both home and abroad. We had the best conference that brought CCC members together in the USA, and UK members were already willing to be part of Ketu.

Some unpopular factions in the past were already going into oblivion. Just a few years back, factions increased, and rancour and power tussle is now the bane of the moment as a result of the divide and rule system adopted by Rev EMF Oshoffa. Another devilish move now is the use of anointment to destabilize the kingdom’s project.

They have used anointment to tactfully kill evangelism, they have used anointment to create bad relationships among parishioners, and they have used anointment to compensate members for loyalty and at the same time create more factions and destabilize the peaceful diocese. ‘ Onicele-Cele’ of CCC has turned anointment into a chieftaincy title that Tom Dick and Harry can just go for without assessment, without due diligence, without defined set standards.

The Certificate they issue now is appalling and shameful. I don’t blame the issuer but rather those collecting the certificate and the calibre of shepherds boldly presenting it to their members openly. It has further revealed the fakeness of the anointment, the empty value of both the giver and the taker of such anointment. Seriously we are comedians in the comity of Christianity. Shepherds use anointment as a money-making machine to fund their own lifestyle at the detriment of the church.

I can imagine how a lot of members will stage serious war with their shepherds at the gate of hellfire for leading them astray. Anointment is now a no. game, the more the merrier, irrespective of the person’s character and spiritual content. Just their own selfish aim of money making.
Ranks of Venerable, Superior Evangelist and Mother Celestial are ranks specially designed for people of age, and character, not just character, who have contributed immensely to fostering the kingdom’s work in the church.

They are carefully selected with references, not the show of shame we are currently experiencing.
In all fairness, a church less than 20 years should not have such rank, except for the person who came with such rank from another parish. People of such rank should not be seen moving from one parish to another, they must have been strong and committed stakeholders in their various parishes. It is not anointment being purchased with money but rather pedigree, virtues, and spiritual contents.

Let us assume our Pastor is an impostor and also a figurehead, why can’t those newly inaugurated PIC and Hijackers BOT come out openly and do the needful by moving a motion against abuse of anointments in CCC? The noise is all over and not palatable .. Rank in CCC now is being used for self-gratification, display of arrogance, tools for manipulation, and finally tools for destabilization.

Candidly, I blamed Baba Banjo-led BOT for pampering the Pastor so much at the detriment of the church’s growth and development. As an astute administrator and with the team of professionals surrounding the Pastor then a lot would have been achieved if Baba Banjo had allowed the administration to foster above pettiness and “emi so pe ” for decades. Effective decentralization would have been achieved and the new constitution would have also been adopted to check all these excesses of the pastor.

I knew they were experiencing a hide-and-seek game from the Pastor then who avoided meetings for good 7 years… However, they would have taken advantage of Late Mama Shodeinde and Justice Ajibike to compel him to right so many obvious wrongs. I was expecting all these attributes after the death of those two people not from the pastor’s part but rather those surrounding him who were easily shut down with the presence of those two strong departed souls. They were able to tame the pastor and his team.
Baba Banjo-led BOT was carried away by his physical challenge undermining his heart and greedy philosophy.

They empowered all of Oshoffa’s children without considering the risk of personal ambition and the risk of converting the church into a family empire. The consequences are what is playing out now.
However, the good news is radical overhauling is coming to the church. How it will occur and at the time I do not know. It’s a big Tsunami just a lot of sad tales will follow because when you refused to heed to warning then be ready for judgment.”

-Chris Ogbaisi


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One response to “The Tsunami In CCC Is Getting Closer”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Your actual topic is from Elder C. OGBAISI, which my souls does accept. That is a great analysis of what is ongoing in CCC.
    The way Elder C. OGBAISI pointed at you in his comment, the same way I used many times to remind it to you. My being based in Europe from where I use to spray worldwide all about CCC, can’t be a barrier between us to coop; this would be our share, our participation (both CNO and me) to the restoration of the truth of CCC.
    So, my proposal is the following: please Elder ALONGE, if you don’t mind, do organize frequently zoom meetings with me (that can last hours or a whole day) and bring out all your questions about CCC in all its aspects to be answered. If you have no objection, other platforms can participate too.
    Let’s put ourselves together for God to inform in the best way the fold of God: for there are too much confusions and false in CCC. This is just a suggestion not more
    Really, I am getting old and as a lonesome wolf in CCC, I wish to put in light my soon 72 years experiences (born in from the second historical family of CCC) in any aspect.
    Glory be to God on high and thank you, your colleagues also in advance!
    Elder LEVI M. YANSUNNU (

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