The Unlimited Riches Of CCC Oke Ado Cathedral @ 49 (Photos)

October 30, 2022 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 1 Comment »

Today, Sunday 30th, October 2022, the entire parishioners at CCC Oke Ado Int’l Cathedral, Area B Headquarters under the supervision of Most Sup. Evang. J.D. Nunayon all teemed to appreciate God for the 49th successful year the church was birthed.

Of course, everyone wants the freedom of lifestyle that prosperity can bring, just as the theme of the Harvest, ‘Unlimited Riches’.

The only thing that can make us enjoy life in abundance and gives us the vision and the game plan we need to have the very best is to have unlimited riches.

As we can see in the life of the Grand Patron of over 15 parishes under the control of CCC Worldwide, Baba Nunayon, has provided a step-by-step action plan and avenue for his followers designed to create all the abundance they want in life.

All his children, both biological and spiritual graced the event to rejoice with the strict and disciplined clergy, who has remained undaunted irrespective of a series of verbal/Physical/ Spiritual missiles sent from naysayers to disrupt and derail his moving train.

Many of the people who have gone under the tutelage of JDN have today triumphed over devastating bankruptcy to become successful clergies, businessmen of international reputes, and entrepreneurs to mention a few.


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One response to “The Unlimited Riches Of CCC Oke Ado Cathedral @ 49 (Photos)”

  1. Mc Adeyeye Adekunbi says:

    Thanks for appreciating Jehovah goodness with us today… Long live CCC, long live CCC Oke Ado and long live our daddy JDN.

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