The Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit As Expressed Through The 1980 CCC Constitution (2)

June 3, 2022 / Celestial News Online / On The Spot / 2 Comments »

It was after the sudden death of Rev. Philip Ajose that the leadership of the Church, out of desperation, came up with their ideas of electoral college contrary to the 1980 CCC Constitution, and appointed Rev. EMF as Pastor. But nemesis caught up with the falsehood when Rev. EMF took Rev. Shonekan to court to stop parading himself as Pastor. 

It was during that case, which EMF initiated, that the court now turned around and said both Rev. Shonekan and Rev. EMF should stop parading themselves as Pastors because none of them could show how the Holy Spirit chose them.

That was how the court terminated the reign of EMF. In that sense, we can be sure that the authority of Rev. EMF was from 2002 to 2015- 13 YEARS. Also, another critical claimant to the throne, Rev. Agbaossi of Port Novo, ruled as a self-proclaimed Pastor for thirteen years from 1997 to 2010. Therefore, Rev. EMF cannot claim to be the longest-ruling Pastor when it is on record that the llaro court dethroned him in 2015, the thirteenth year of his leadership. That dark cloud has stayed with him till today. After the court’s decision in 2015, Baba Banjo said, as at then “technically, CCC Worldwide does not have a Pastor….” To Be Continued


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2 responses to “The Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit As Expressed Through The 1980 CCC Constitution (2)”

  1. Iron Monkey says:

    So someone can actually be arrested cos he is celebrating 20 years on the throne when the court said he should stop parading himself as a pastor.
    We go get sense last last

  2. Iron Monkey says:

    Even our religious fathers are flaunting court order. Oga ooo

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