The Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit As Expressed Through The 1980 CCC Constitution

June 2, 2022 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »

10 months before the passing of Rev. Baba Owodunni of blessed memory, it was a privilege to meet with him during a historic visit of one of the church elders. A meeting which I, Alonge Michael arranged. During that visit, he clearly stated that part of the reason, according to Papa SBJ Oshoffa, why the Holy Spirit led him to write the 1980 CCC Constitution was to prevent his lieutenants from twisting his words after his death.

Unfortunately, that was precisely what happened after the transition of the Pastor Founder. The first person to lay false claim to the seat of the Pastor Founder was Baba Bada. He spent fifteen years on the throne before being dethroned by Baba Owodunni at the Supreme Court. The first lesson is that lie may persists for years but one day the truth shall overcome. Like they say, many days for the thief, one day for the owner. Even though Baba Owodunni won the case, the Supreme Court also denied Baba Owodunni the throne because the court said Papa Oshoffa could not have handpicked Baba Owodunni and then made a public proclamation through the OGTV interview that it was the Holy Spirit that would choose his successor. They pointed out the conflict. Both Baba Owodunni and Baba Bada were denied the seat because the Holy Spirit did not choose them according to Section 111 of the 1980 CCC Constitution.

However, Baba Owodunni declared himself Pastor in 1997 and reigned for 23 years. For those who claim that Rev. EMF is the longest-reigning Pastor, they should be aware that Rev. Owodunni reigned for 23 years as a self-proclaimed CCC factional Pastor until he was called home by God in 2020. The lesson to learn is that holding unto a falsely acquired mandate for many years does not justify the falsehood.

The next Baba to hijack the seat of the Pastor contrary to the will of the Holy Spirit was Rev. Philip Ajose. He reigned for less than six months on the throne and died suddenly. The official longest reigning self-proclaimed Pastor since the departure of Papa SBJ Oshoffa is Rev. Pastor Owodunni. He ruled for 23 years and died of natural causes ten months after he met with a significant Elder of the church and to whom he said, “now that I have met you I know that all my struggles have not been in vain.” To be continued…


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