The Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit As Expressed Through The 1980 CCC Constitution (3)

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However, Baba Banjo tried his best with the leadership to see how they could salvage and protect Rev EMF on the throne he was wrongly given. The process of helping to hide his true nature from CCC was one of the biggest damage control adventures in the history of the leadership tussle in CCC.

Baba Banjo vehemently and openly defended Rev. EMF because of his love for Papa SBJ Oshoffa. Even when Evangelist Tosho organized a failed coup on EMF because he felt there was no progress since his brother, EMF ascended the throne, it was Baba Banjo who rose in defence of EMF.

The aged Baba Banjo was a staunch supporter of Rev. EMF and exercised the virtue of long-suffering in tolerating his inadequacies. The more the registered Trustees tried to protect Rev. EMF, the more EMF saw them as perceived enemies. Rev. EMF avoided any official meeting with the Registered Trustees for seven years, to maintain absolute control of the Church without interference from the registered Trustees.

Some of his siblings publicly attacked the registered Trustees and falsely accused them of rumours. After years of the “Cold War”, Rev. EMF took them to Baba OBJ for intervention. Baba OBJ entertained them and, as a respected elder of the family, helped them coordinate a peace meeting that would keep Rev. EMF on the throne that was wrongly given to him.

After that extraordinary peace meeting, to the surprise of everyone, Rev. EMF unleashed his wildest attack on the registered BOT and raised his army of sycophants who mandated him to fire the Doyen of CCC who was appointed by Papa SBJ Oshoffa.

The other Trustees who had done everything to protect Rev EMF were unceremoniously terminated. The erratic actions of Rev. EMF shocked the registered Trustees, who were his primary defenders. They tried all they could to let him know that they were not his enemies. The more they tried, the more they were attacked. When the vicious attack on Baba Banjo became relentless, the old man had no choice but was provoked and forced into seeking relief from the court against the man he handpicked and defended as Pastor for almost nineteen years.

It was a very painful lesson for Baba Banjo. He felt deeply hurt and betrayed by the man he handpicked and defended as Pastor. Little did Baba Banjo and his team know that the heart of Rev. EMF had been stolen by sycophants and power-hungry elders that had promised extreme loyalty to EMF with the falsehood that the registered Trustees were not doing enough for EMF financially and in other areas.

That was how EMF ended with a whole new group of unregistered BOT members, with the mindset that their slavish adoration of him would guarantee him more power and more money. Videos of the actions of the purported Chief coup plotter are on social media for all to view.

And since they took over illegitimately, no single progress has been recorded by them. Nothing has been added to what the true BoT had done before they stepped aside. What does this tell us? An error of leadership can not produce any success but chaos and catastrophes as being witnessed by all today... TO BE CONTINUED


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