The Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit As Expressed Through The 1980 CCC Constitution (4)

June 5, 2022 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 1 Comment »

The truth is that from day one, the Holy Spirit has been at work. When the manipulative tendencies of man come to an end, the Holy Spirit will perfect His work. The wisdom of God is superior to the wisdom of men. What God has written cannot be erased by any human.

The only book written by the Pastor Founder in his lifetime was the 1980 CCC Constitution. Some have made a mockery of the book written by the Founder through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Still, it is that constitution, written by Papa Oshoffa, that has protected the seat of the Pastor Founder from wolves and impostors for 37 years. For 22 years, 33 CCC members from all walks of life, worked tirelessly to change the constitution but to no avail. There was always one thing or another that made it impossible for the new constitution to become a reality.

The new journey of another 38 years of CCC will begin on September 29, 2022, the start of the new church year. It is only the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that has the key to understanding the 1980 CCC Constitution. The person chosen by the Holy Spirit will decode the 1980 CCC constitution when the time comes and the appointed time to do that is now.

It took the court 15 years to dethrone Pastor Bada, and it took the court 13 years to remove Rev. EMF, and he did not appeal his case. Baba Banjo, who appealed on his behalf, has now taken him to court to question the legitimacy of his pastoral powers. Rev. EMF has a tough nut to crack. No human being can fight and prevail over the will of the Holy Spirit of God. Let us watch as the drama plays on.


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One response to “The Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit As Expressed Through The 1980 CCC Constitution (4)”

  1. Alagba Ijo says:

    Hmmmmnnn. CCC. Where is the document signed by Papa. S. B. J. In Benin Republic before he came to Nigeria? We like to rewrite history and it will not prevail. Let’s keep deceiving the novices. God will always prevail. Alleluia

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