Then & Now: Things Mothers Do For Their Children In CCC

October 3, 2022 / Celestial News Online / Virtuous Women / Add Comment »

When you notice our mothers in the olden days, you’ll see that they were different from the 21st-century mothers. There are things that even, we, the children laugh at when we think of some things our mothers used to do for us then.

Sometimes it is very funny but seriously it’s not. You would take a look at their Bible and discover that it’s surrounded and written with our names all over with a sign of a cross up and by the two sides too even with our pictures inside the bible used for prayers. These Bible might have even become so rough and faded but our mothers would not fail to bring it to church.

Moreover, when it was time for vigils, they would call us together even when we wanted to sleep, she would make sure that we were present. When we were ready to go to school, she would make sure the “Ororo ijo” which she prayed on in the church, dropped on our heads for a retentive memory.

Most times we couldn’t find it not necessary but it was good and helpful. While praying alone they would call us by our names one after the other and anoint us in bed. But how many of these 21st-century mothers doing this?

The new generation of mothers are busy watching BBNaija, doing late-night video calls with their lovers or they are busy watching Zee World, Telemundo, etc.

Now you can see how much evil we have in the world of today and you wonder where the mothers are. A 16-year-old boy wants to drive a N17m car, and live in an expensive apartment that none of his generations ever lived in at 16.

The whole problem started when these new media mothers are no longer doing vigils over their children. Children that are born out of love. Children whose fathers have refused to accept or take responsibility for them.

The solution to this, go back to God. Jeremiah 6:16.


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