These Two Men Will End Leadership Tussle In Celestial Church Only If…

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Baba Banjo

Baba Owodunni & Pastor Mobiyina

These conflicts we are experiencing in Celestial Church of Christ today started during the reign of late Pastor Abiodun Alexandra Bada, these are conflicts within our own selves. A few of the issues is due to difference in opinion and misconceptions. We are not here to go into that. But since the problem emanated, the goal of resolving it lies on the head of two great men of the church.

These are two men who were original Board of Trustees, they dined and wined with the late founder, Papa SBJ Oshoffa but you will be shocked that these two elders and leaders in the church are sworn enemies, just like two parallel lines that can never meet.

This imbroglio between the two, according to a certain elder that spoke to us on anonymity said, it’s long before the demise of the late pastor founder that these two ‘Jagabans’ have been at loggerheads and that marked the Genesis of the problems of Celestial church of Christ till date.

It amazes me when we talk about resolution or unification and nobody is talking about bringing these two men together first to channel a way out of this mess the church has found itself in over 33 years now. It’s a common saying that dialogue is the most effective way of resolving conflict yet these two elders are not thinking of what posterity will say about them.

They remain sworn enemies till date while the church nurses the contusions. If these two elders are so strong-headed to resolve the issues between them amicably, what would they tell their children when they face similar issues in their field of endeavours? At least, we must teach the children to resolve their issues with words and not weapons because we cannot change what’s going on around us until we start to change what’s going on within us.

I am sure, if this article gets to the hearing of these two eminent personalities in Celestial Church, God may plant it in their minds to want to resolve issues and call a spade a spade. Today, what anyone does not know is that, once this two people can form an alliance, as the only surviving BOT

These two sons of the soil, both from the same State, have the right to redirect things and go back to the drawing board to get a spiritually active pastor prepared, maybe to take over the mantle of leadership from the incumbent Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa or become one of the decision makers till the issue of how to go about his rulership is resolved.

Like I always say, we cannot continue to do same thing same way and expect a different result. Enough is enough.

For those of you sitting on the defense and are fond of calling us all sorts of names, let me quickly tell you something you have failed to recognise today, we are not afraid of anything, we are contributing our quota in building the new Celestial Church of Christ that the emerging generation will be proud of. When we are gone, these articles will speak for us that we’re part of the re-building process.

The two men are Baba Owodunni and Baba Banjo. Ask them why they don’t talk; it’s not something we are going to put here.

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10 responses to “These Two Men Will End Leadership Tussle In Celestial Church Only If…”

  1. Tee says:

    We need to wash our tongues , for Oshoffa not to slap us. Gbogbo wa niyio duro niwaju oluwa ati ewe ati agba lao si rojo wa

  2. Oyelakin says:

    We have our way o oversimplifying issues, including our genius for looking for cheap scapegoats. And so we remain where we are. Just how the conflict which has engulfed a mega church for well over 30 years could be blamed on two people beggars my own imagination, apart from such an idea being an insult to the generality of members. Remember all those who have been key players here – Bada; Agbaosi; Owodunni; Shonekan; Jesse; etc. Yes both Banjo and Owodunni were Trustees, but so were Adefeso, Ogunlesi, and of course Bada and Ajanlekoko. My second book on this subject is nearing completion and it never crossed my mind that the burden of blame rests on any two people, other than on the rest of us.

  3. Akintoba says:

    You don’t have to go too far Mr. Reporter, this is a story both parties are protecting. Baba Banjo sent assassin to Owodunni to eliminate him and his family. The assasin ended up preserving him and his family, so they later told him to continue with his good deeds, right there, they called Baba Banjo with Owodunni Ntel Phone then and what he said was “se ise ti se? This is was told by my daddy before he died. The two have something between them aside this cele thingz.

  4. A1 says:

    Nwachkwu, respect them as your senior even if you don’t have such at home as fathers. Calling them idiot simply means you are the super idiot yourself. Thsee are some people’s dad

  5. Nkwachukwu says:

    God is no respecter of any person, are we saying that these two idiots are the one holding celestial ransom? I don’t agree, which mean if they both die today celestial dies? That’s all nonsense, oshoffa died celestial didn’t die how much more these irresponsible men. Do they they thing worshing God is a family business, or running a company, they better get their priorities right. What ever their issue is shouldn’t have anything to do with the church, if it was in a civilised world they should be in their retirement resting and playing advisory role and hands off leadership, but just because black man would rather want to hold unto power even when in their grave. So sad, it all about power and money if you take a good look at them you find out that their families are no longer members of the church just because of their bad leadership, they are all failures and disappointment to themselves and the church, very dishonest and self-centered men, they throw confusion here and there and sits back and watch ppl suffer. Are you saying that this two persons are bigger than celestial? Pls think before you write. Thier problems shouldn’t be what the church is going through.

  6. Sholape says:

    Too late. We don’t need them anymore.

  7. Olufunmi says:

    @ bisi thks, I wonder ooooooooh

  8. Bisi says:

    Forget it jare of what benefit is that? Let them continue please awon agba ti o to le, hell await them .

  9. Itunuoluwa- Chicago says:

    This writer is 100 percent right. All oshoffa main children mingles with them all but dare not dabble into their differences, is Edith oshoffa or Ebenezer and His brother Emmanuel not aware? They are fully aware but play politics while one is busy enjoying wealth. Won ti je dodo, but cant speak the truth. If they cam be bodly come out to expose the hidden truth which all celestians ekites is aware off before we help them to expose it all. Baba Banjo did a lot but vowed never to av anything with owodunmi. He betrayed saint Oshoffa and even both are claiming authority.Their children will all reap corrupted society if parties and knowledgeable kids of saint oshoffa fails to do the right.Their loss are bound to reap that also while their fathers legacy is what they are jeopardizing.God bless

  10. Olumide says:

    At the age they are? See nothing can make me keep malice if I have grace of getting to their age, or these people don’t know that hell is real and no one keeping malice can enter the kingdom of God according to Jesus Christ world infact they don’t have any excuse s to be keeping malice.

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