Things To Note On Good Friday

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The existence and death of our Lord Jesus Christ is a great lesson to all. Despite the miracles He performed and the great sermons He delivered, He was crucified.

Astonishingly, when Pilate asked the people “Between Barabbas (A thief) and Jesus Christ, who should we set free?”, they said Barabbas.


  1. Jesus Christ was hailed and worshipped on a triumphant entry into Jerusalem but crucified on Friday

Lesson: Regardless of the respect and accolade people give you today, they can turn against you tomorrow.

  1. Pilate and Herod were recorded to be enemies before Jesus Christ was arrested but became friends in order to pass judgement on an innocent soul.

Lesson: When enemies are ready to defeat you, they forget their differences.

  1. Jesus Christ was crucified alongside two thieves. Not alone was He crucified with them, He was placed in the middle depicting the boss of the thieves but because of the Heavenly mandate and the Power of our Lord Jesus Christ, Pilate wrote “JESUS OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS”

The Chief priests protested but Pilate said “What i have written, I have written”

Lesson: You don’t lose your value and your worth Just because the world is against you. As long as heavenly grace is upon you, you will be crowned a king upon those that are against you.

  1. It wasn’t armed robbers, politicians or hoodlums that plotted the death of Jesus Christ, it was the Chief priests and officers of the temple. As a matter of fact, the money given to Judas Iscariot was taken from the church treasury.

Lesson: The house of God is not a place of perfection. It is a place where imperfect people gather, therefore some will go against you and some will try to destroy your Journey to that eternal glory. Don’t stop saying the truth and been a good worshipper of Jesus Christ because your reward is in heaven.

Be in conformity with Jesus Christ and see today as a day to sober for your sins and reflect on why Jesus died for you.

It is Good Friday.

-Kazeem Adetola

2 responses to “Things To Note On Good Friday”

  1. Jare says:

    Hmmm. We know, may God help us.

  2. Olaoye says:

    interesting. Good one #CNO

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