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I found this educative, so I decided to share with you. The original title was Eden Had No Privacy before I decided to use mine, Even Luxuries of Eden Couldn’t Entice Adam/Eve for Marriage.

“Despite the beauty and glory of Eden, it couldn’t support marriage. Yes, Adam and Eve were forced to pack out of Eden in other to continue with their marriage. At a friend’s wedding, a preacher mentioned that Adam yielded to Eve and had a bite of the forbidden fruit because he wanted to save his marriage. According to him “had Adam not yielded to Eve, God would have driven only Eve out of Eden and that would have been the first separation. But Adam chose his marriage over the beauty of Eden.”

“So what is it about Eden that nearly destroyed the first marriage God officiated Himself?”

This question has lived in my mind for over four years until recently, when God opened my mind to understand the problem of Eden. The beautiful garden had no privacy.

Every animal could walk in and out of Eden. Even the crooked serpent had no restrictions of movement in Eden. Adam failed to build boundaries. He failed to secure the privacy of his home. So one day, while he was busy at work, the serpent took advantage of the porosity of Eden and penetrated his wife.

I am writing specifically to married people and the soon-to-be-married. Wealth, beautiful home and a good job will not secure your marriage. Adam had wealth, he had paradise as home and had a good job yet his marriage was at the mercy of a serpent.

I want to speak more specifically to someone whose marriage is at the mercy of a crooked serpent. You know that the problem in your marriage is the handwork of a third party who hijacked the mind of your partner. It could be their friend or even a total stranger who gained access to their vulnerability. And now, your partner is feeding you the same junk with which they were fed. Don’t blame your partner, blame yourself. You failed to secure your territory.

That was Adam’s first mistake – he failed to create a boundary between his new family and the animals. That’s the mistake some of you are making also – you are failing to build a fence around your family to keep animals away. Listen: God cannot secure what you expose. It is only what you bind on earth that will be bound in heaven. What you secure on earth will also be secured in heaven. Alas, what you expose on earth will also be exposed in heaven. That’s the scripture.

From the day I got the revelation of the principle of privacy, my life and marriage took a beautiful turn. I now enjoy peace – the kind of peace that only comes from security.

An octogenarian once said to me “my child, don’t make your home a guest house. Learn to book your guests into a guest house and take good care of them while preserving the privacy and sanctity of your home.”

I considered the words of the grandma and found them to be true and wise.

Had Adam encountered a post like this, he would have secured his home portal and the serpent that deceived Eve would have died without executing his evil plans.

I don’t mean to scare you but if you don’t take the privacy of your home serious, you risk losing your paradise.

Wherever there’s an Eve, privacy and security is vital. Because every Eve is an expensive treasure desperately searched for by both men and beasts.


– Copied. (Original Source not known)

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2 responses to “Think On These Things”

  1. Oluwatosin says:

    May God almight give us his holyspirit who will teach us the way of which we can secured our home in jesus might name(AMEN).

  2. Sup. Ev. (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa. says:

    Wow. I picked up a salient point or two in this piece. Thanks.

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