This Heart Self-Test Will Tell You How Long You Have To Live On Earth

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Are you worried your heart is much older than you are and that you’re on the verge of having a heart attack? Then you’ll find this article extremely helpful and educating. Produced by NHS Choices and the British Heart Foundation, the updated tool offers advice and intervention to help lower the heart’s age and keep you alive for longer.

Well a test can estimate the age of your ticker, as well as revealing how long you can expect to live without having a heart attack or a stroke. But a new update to the 16-question tool offers advice and interventions to help lower the vital organ’s age and keep you alive for longer.

Jamie Waterall of Public Health England said: ‘Even though you may not have symptoms, having a heart age higher than your own age indicates an increased risk of serious illness.

‘The tool gives an immediate indication of a person’s potential risk and what they can start doing to reduce it. For people over 40, the NHS Health Check presents an invaluable opportunity to discuss your heart health with a professional.’

Click here to take the test for yourself! https: heart-test

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