This Is About To Happen To Anointment Under Rev EMF Oshoffa

August 23, 2022 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 3 Comments »

Devil, no doubt, is using this anointment shenanigan to disrupt the solid foundation of the church descended from heaven for us, Celestial Church of Christ.

One of our readers reacted to the article about Rev EMF going to America to ‘sell’ anointment. It is no longer news that Alagba Balogun Olaitan has made grand plans for him to have a large number of people ‘buying’ the anointment from him. 

The situation is so precarious that, the proceed from the Kangaroo appointment exercise is not judiciously used but is siphoned by a certain number of people. There has never been a record of past ones…none!

This leadership knows nothing but to give title, position, and sell ami-ororo to his loyalist. Their brains, no doubt, can’t process that, it is an empty hand that is being laid on their empty heads. Because only a fool will wrestle to pay for an anointment that has no spiritual value. So bad!

Anyways, below is what they say is about to happen should Rev EMF come to America to start selling his anointment the usual way;

“From reliable sources, many CCC shepherds worldwide are really ready to put on any deserving ranks in the UK USA, France, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, etc if Rev EMF Oshoffa dares to anoint and promote his perceived supporters again in the Diaspora.

l have it on good records that those who have already sewed their new ‘agbada’ ranging from the Regalia of Assistant Most Superior Evangelist, Venerable Superior Evangelist, Assistant Venerable Evangelist, etc accordingly worldwide authority, it will be so alarming the rate they will all wear it.

So, l will implore Rev EMF Oshoffa’s handlers to save this church by advising him, (EMF) appropriately. This is not the time to promote his imaginary supporters but a time to reconcile and go back to the core reasons for the establishment of CCC which is the redemption of our souls.

May Jehovah save His church. Amen!!!”

3 responses to “This Is About To Happen To Anointment Under Rev EMF Oshoffa”

  1. LEVI M. YANSUNNU says:

    Dear Elder OGBAISI, happy for your write up, but I’m sometimes disappointed when reading you: for, you never mentionned the name of late Suprem Evangelist BADA, AGBAOSSI and the former BOT, which never reacted to the dangerous decision those senior Elders took after the burial ceremonies of the Founder when selves acclaiming pastors while, such awfull act was never mentionned somewhere in the CONSTITUTION.
    Please never stop to show it: for this was the real root of the great chaos CCC is living in today.
    The only survivor of the then BOT (Elder BANJO) substitued himself on december 24th 2002 to the Holy Spirit (article 111 line a and e of the Constitution) and made EMFO a pastor to CCC. But WHY?
    Develop please every of your ideas, God will help you but do mention the deep root of this disorder enflating everyday more till when you all elders will choose to put an end to it, by asking all cele worldwide TO GO BACK TO THE DIFFERENTS PROPHECIES since october wednesday 8th 1947 till august 24 th and 25 th 1985 by the Founder Himself and others prophets.
    No way else to restore CCC but to go back to how the Founder left CCC on tuesday september 10 th 1985. I warned Elder ALONGE many times running about it. Else way won’t go at all.
    Please, EMFO’s actual presence at the head of CCC as pastor in stead of being called “cartaker or “a king between two kings” THE WAY THE FOUNDER SAID IT AT KETU SOME YEARS before giving the ghost is a trap for all of us. So we should beware of judging whoever.
    Glory be to God on high
    Elder LEVI M. YANSUNNU (

  2. Concerned Celestian says:

    If Ayo Osho (non-clergy) can wear AVSE, if Idowu can wear AVSE (both of CCC Elephant & Castle UK)…. Then the floor is ooen to whoever has enough money for the upcoming anointment bonanza!

  3. Chris A.Ogbaisi says:

    The world had bent to one side Satan is driven within shame ….what we are witnessing now is nolonger anointment rather chieftaincy tittle by the king Of Cele His Eminence , Oba Emmanuel Mobiyina Oschoffa ”Oni Cele of Celecele ” not Pastor of Celestial church of Christ .
    The Unfortunate that really saddened my heart is , majority fell cheaply into this trap sake of worldly recognitions undermining kingdom . Earthly foolishness as a result of heavenly unconsciousness .
    Majority of our members has dumped the real calling and have forgotten what led them to the church , they now chase tittle under the guise of anointments with somany carnal tittle without due research and due diligence . This is a sad development in God’s kingdom .
    The shepherds have decided to deviate from the tenents using anointment to raise funds for their personal gain and to further disorganise the church settings . No wonder they issue certificate with A4 paper no seal or signature of the Pastor , they award ranks without coordination aside the money making objective , any imbecile can walk up to the shepherd give him money and he will beb awarded a rank far bigger than he or she spiritually . The rank of venerable , superior is a special ranks designed for people with age and worthy character who has contributed immensely to the good work of the church with commendation letters and general acceptance of their acts and conducts . What we witness now is people who has not contributed a dime to the church but can afford to give the shepherd money being awarded such elated and reverred ranks . Isn’t that obvious that the church is in total mess ?
    I have said it severally , referring to what Pa SBJ Oshoffa mentioned in the constitution , going by the story of Moses and Aaron when God asked Moses to anoint Aron if truly he has interceded for him and convinced of his remorsefulness. Anointment should be once in entire life of a man after baptism . This has indicated that he has become born again and fully restituted . What should follow is spiritual elevation through promotion in ranks whereby the Shepherd and parish council recommend list of those qualify for such promotions with their present ranks , commendation of their character and worthiness to the growth of the church with recommendation of their new ranks and justification. This will be submitted through the respective reporting lines to the province later forwarded to the headquarter who will verify by certified committee set up by the Pastor . They invite them, assess them physically .Later give them orientation on expectations and deliverables from their new ranks before they are now awarded with the new ranks and communicate back to them for investiture and award of certificate , in which representative of this special committee must be on ground to present the certificate to them individually .
    But to my dismay , Pastor use anointment to raise income for himself and shepherd in turn also use it as money spinning machine following the footstep of their master . The shameful aspect is, they boast about it that all monies raised during annointment is for the shepherd who does that ? Where was that written? common ! We need as a matter of urgency rewrite the constitution of this church before it gets out of hand completely .
    I am really disturbed and ashamed of the high level impunity ravaging a church specially established to teach the world heavenly principles on earth . How long do we continue to lead people astray sake of our ignorance as leaders ?
    While , I was 21 years ,after my anointments I was convinced with a vision that Satan wants to penetrate God’s kingdom with anointment and ranks undermining spiritual growth . God was so annoyed that even the youth who are supposed to stand vehemently against it seperated themselves from the kingdom allowing Satan to penetrate .
    My sincere prayer is God should have mercy on this church by fixing all the damages done to this church sake of the assignment given to this church to teach the world kingdom’s principles .

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