This Is What EMF’s Insistence To Retain Noah At Mokola Parish Has Caused

November 28, 2022 / Celestial News Online / On The Spot / 6 Comments »

As we expressed in our previous post that Celestial Church of Christ at the moment is not under the control of any spirit-filled person,  but the devil himself.

The event at Army Barracks Road, which has been going on now for months led the youth and some members to shut the doors of the church for worship today before the youth went protesting on social media.

Since then till the time of filing this report, the almighty Rev EMF and his team are yet to react to the shenanigans instead, they have remained silent while the man, Noah Ikumehinlo, who the church said has desecrated their parish is holding meetings with the said authority to remain in power.

Well, we have said it before on this platform that the mission of the present regime in CCC is not to advance the church but to destroy the legacy of the founding fathers of CCC and to acquire wealth and fulfill their lustful desires.

One of the female members caught in the struggle for the restoration of holiness and Godliness back to their parish, Tanwa Igho has said that she is through with the church if a supposed leader decides to remain adamant to serious issues like theirs.

What are we even talking about? Jesus Christ in one of His teachings did say that if one sheep is lost out of 100, the 99 sheep should be kept somewhere while the one missing should be searched for and brought back home. But because we have a leadership that does not know God or care about the sheep but himself and his stomach, the reason the church is faced with what we see today.

Below is what she posted on her Facebook platform:

“Public Apology!

If I ever misjudged you for leaving CCC, I’m tendering my sincerest apology to you.

I’m deeply sorry


Please don’t bother making out space for me where you worship now, I really am no longer interested in any Church, I’d rather be in My House.

My Special Apologies to my Adorable Children:

Momeh, I really did wish to give you a True Celestial upbringing both at Home and Church.

My dream was to surround you with the Aura of CCC, just like Maama did with me…

I’m deeply sorry Momeh, that dream might be restricted to our home only.

I really wish I could find the right words to describe what the church is like, today.

I’ve never been this sad in my whole life.”

Not over yet, Rev EMF’s insistence to still retain the man, Noah Ikumehinlo in that parish will no doubt bring doom to the church as other members too have vowed to follow suit. Now tell me, if there is nothing behind this, why use one man to destroy a legacy that has become historical for years? This really calls for serious debate.


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6 responses to “This Is What EMF’s Insistence To Retain Noah At Mokola Parish Has Caused”

  1. JOHN BADA. says:

    His power and grace will strengthen more and uphold us to the end in Jesus name.

  2. JOHN BADA. says:

    It will be a very grievous mistake for anyone to leave this church because of anybody, except is not our Lord Jesus Christ who called you into it, but while you are in it, you must insist on doing what is right, proper and just in it and before God for you to be true member of the church and a child of God and for you to be saved and attain eternal glory. Any one who encourages anything wrong and sinful in the church no matter who is, is an anti – Christ and an enemy of God and the church and will be seen and treated as one. The church is for redemption, salvation and service of God, worshipping him in spirit and in truth. No human being can be above God and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ in this church they are the owner of the church and its authority and it is want they we must follow and obey because it’s because of them we are in the church as our Lord and God, they are the one who answer our prayers and bless us and it is them we shall return to when we live this world, all power and glory belongs to them. We would never deny them come what may nor allow the church to change into something else that God has not made it to be. His power will strengthen us and hold us to the end in Jesus name.

  3. Oluso Apata says:

    That was why I like REV GABRIEL OMOGE OF NIGERIA DIOCESE, when something like this happen in SAGAMU 2 he went their and everything was resolved, EMF is not in spirit with people around him.

  4. Benjamin Akinduade says:

    Joshua Olaleye, your entire generation is cursed. What the guy has written is wrong right? All he has sai so far na lie? You are so delusional, reason CCV jas remained like this. Obviously, you are one of the evil people in the church who are derailing the train of the church abi! Eni ofo

  5. sam says:

    i watched the video, they hv been to oriyomi hamzat(agidigbo) for the issues

  6. Joshua olaleye says:

    I thinks this alonge guy is cursed and need to be and what you looking for in this write up,you should be disgraced very soon,well not your fault

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