This Is What You Should Teach Them! (Photos)

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Someone once said that Nigeria would be relieved from all her woes if only Celestial Church could become one. I didn’t take that kind of expression to be serious, you know why? Celestial Church of Christ didn’t come to the world to be in Nigeria alone. As a matter of fact, the first Parish was not even in Nigeria so why would someone relate the two!

Current events, however, seem to be working in line with that statement, how? The Juvenile harvest which falls on first Sunday in the month of June of every year is done days after the May 27 Children’s Day holiday in the global chart. Are you seeing what I am seeing? And I am sure when this divine order was given to Papa, he was not aware of any significant date in the country. Hymn 288 stanza 5 says it all. “ My only Holy Church, descend from heaven, those who worship in there, they dwelleth in the light”(Ijo mimo temi, latorun lo ti wa, eni to’sin nibe, ninu imole won wa.) .

Now to the main topic, it’s a season of harvest for our children. What are you teaching them? What morals are you instilling in them? What family values are you impacting in their lives? These are question for all mothers and fathers to answer.

These pictures caught my attention and the topic “what are you teaching them?” came to mind, so, I decided to bring something out of it for your delight.

It was an event held yesterday at Ikola area of Lagos.

2017 Teenagers Leadership Conference going on at Elim School in Ikola Lagos state. With Cape Elder Sister Oyegbola lecturing our children on CHRISTIAN TEENS AND ALCOHOL. This is what you should teach them so they won’t be like those who have been forsaken by God.

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2 responses to “This Is What You Should Teach Them! (Photos)”

  1. Adebare says:

    Celestial Joy or whatever you call youself, you are so sick that I don’t know if you have a brain. Who is talking about to user here? And what’s trouser get to do self with the word of impactation on the children? You are the types that make people talk rubbish of Celestial because you are so brainless. Somebpeople should just shit up if you don’t know how to comment

  2. CelestialJoy says:

    with Trousers…,. okay we thank you please teach them well

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