This Is Why Celestial Church Is Different From The Rest (Photo)

February 22, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 5 Comments »

skimpyWhen God descended the church from above to the world at 3pm in September 29, 1947 little did a lot of us know that God has come to dwell with us. One of the reasons it was instituted by God is to cleanse the world of her various sins like idolatry, witchcraft, adultery to mention a few.

When Satan saw the great and glorious task upon this church, he came in with all kinds of tactics to derail the train of the church from accomplishing its mission but God is still on the throne.

That Jesus said he had not come for those who are whole but the sick doesn’t mean we should now misuse that grace. This photo was taken from one of the Pentecostal churches in Lagos. These are members of the church wearing party clothes to church.

A prophetic and evangelistic minister, ProEvang KSM Olutunu Iperepolu said concerning wearing of skimpy dresses to worship God, “There are clothes meant for church. You shouldn’t wear your skimpy and revealing clothes to church. Just because the church allows you the freedom to be comfortable doesn’t mean you have to take it for granted.”

Now, have you seen why we are different? Have you seen why we have to keep that Celestial glory with us! It saddens my heart when I see some of our women wearing transparent white garment and paint their lips and face like dolls. The vision and promises of God about this church have never been given to any church. God has not changed His plan that this church is the last boat of salvation to cleanse the world, Satan is only trying to make that mission impossible with some un-celestial doctrine and characters instilled in our people. Halleluiah!

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5 responses to “This Is Why Celestial Church Is Different From The Rest (Photo)”

  1. sotola oluyinka says:

    Let’s join hands together in reaching out to souls. Decency does not apply to our dresses alone but our life in total… Don’t let us be like the pharisees and saduccees that make clean the outside of their cups and leave the inside. Matthew 23vs25

  2. iyiola says:

    @ bro Andrew, thanks for highlighting what you heard or observed mind you these are what Christians have to fight seriously because what you mentioned are not only in celestial church, they are happening in other churches though no church encourages it.


    MATT 24 from vers 3 must come to pass so all those are found in Pentecostal churches too.LET US ALL PLAY OUT OWN GOOD PART TO CHECK OURSELVES. He writer is doing his own way of Evangelism if you read well his writeup@ bro Andrew

  4. Bro. Andrew says:

    Your church is different but your shepherds and prophets are fcking those who are married? What nonsense are you writing? Your shepherds are herbalists. Some of your members are even displaying their ogboni regalia with your garment on social media. What nonsense are you now saying?

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