This Powerful Man Has Much To Teach Our Shepherds, Prophets And Members

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It’s possible that many messages delivered to our shepherds and prophets before their calling to the ministry went unheard.

It’s possible that certain prophets or shepherds received messages describing how their work will set captives free. Even when certain people are sent to undo the devil’s job, the devil nonetheless torments them rather than letting them torment the devil.

There is always God’s guidance on what to do and what not to do to fulfil destiny. And many shepherds and prophets have had difficulties as a result of failing to follow this advice carefully. Some of them have even inadvertently experienced the departure of the spirit of God.

Using Samson as an example, it can be shown that the birth of Samson was commanded by God to carry out the command of God to exterminate the Philistines, and the command is given without the requirement that Samson’s hair is cut. This was the same Samson who would carry the city gate and keep it on the mountain to show how mighty and effective God was using him.

There are no prophets or shepherds whom God intends to accomplish his mission, and the devil will not come for him in the shape of a human or what he desires most, because of Samson’s negligence and incapacity to bind the agent of darkness, who may hinder him from fulfilling God’s plan for his life. Our shepherds need to be cautious about the people they interact with; not everyone who comes to them is a typical person; some are the devil in human form. Among your friends, other parishioners, or even your fellow shepherds and prophets, this might occur.

Delilah was the devil incarnate sent to ruin Samson, not fulfil his destiny. And she achieved it because of Samson’s carelessness. Some of our shepherds are not meticulous, and some are not allowing God’s promises to be fulfilled because they are also following the direction of Samson. Some of them should have been well-known around the world, but because they were not sensitive, God’s plans for their lives were thwarted.

Joseph refused the agent of darkness sent to him in the form of his boss’s wife, and we all know the story. Joseph was able to fulfil God’s purpose. We are also familiar with the story of Esau and Jacob, where there was an exchange of birth rites all in the name of food. We knew what happened when the agent of darkness used hunger as an avenue.

Some of our prophets and shepherds are the cause of their ordeal; if they can turn a new leaf, the purpose of God would still be fulfilled. Samson’s hair grew again while he was in captivity, and he killed all his enemies in one day, compared with his record. Some agents of the devil could come in various forms; it could be anger, being always right, a lack of self-control, pride, arrogance, being unable to control your tongue, etc., which has prevented many of our shepherds and prophets from fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives.

The Lord says your hair will grow again if you are ready to follow God’s instructions.



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