Three Reasons Some Shepherds’ Children Are Wayward

May 21, 2022 / Odunmbaku James / Youth Arena / Add Comment »

The Shepherds house is supposed to be a house to replicate for members in the church, but the reverse is the case today in Celestial Church of Christ.

Most Shepherds’ children have successfully pulled down the ministry of their parents. The question is, who is to blame for such waywardness of most Shepherds’ children?

Here are a few major reasons why most shepherds’ children are wayward.

1. Putting Their Ministry first Rather Than Family: Most Shepherds have forgotten that their family is their first congregation and ministry, hence due to this lack of knowledge, they trade their family for their ministry. They pay more attention to building a big Church rather than building their family first. The family ought to be the shepherd’s priority before the church.

2. Satanic Warfare: Many Shepherds sometimes forget that they are most wanted in the kingdom of darkness and they’re always targetting the Children, if you don’t get the shepherd they get the children and thus, Satan is fighting the shepherd through the children.

3. Personal Salvation: Many Shepherds’ children lack personal Salvation experience because most shepherds are saved so they assume it is the same with their children. Many shepherds never for once have a personal interaction with their children to find out if they are born again. Some shepherds claim that their children are born again because they’ve always listened to their teachings or sermons while on the pulpit. They forget that salvation is a personal encounter.

I think our shepherds should look into this and make corrections where necessary in their respective homes.

Daddy, is your child or children wayward? Take of your home now, then come back to the ones in the church because they say, “Charity begins at home.”


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