At A Time Like This In Celestial Church, This Is What We Need…

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Akinuli Myke posted on his wall and I am sharing for the delight of #CNO readers. It’s a beautiful article about the church. Citing ours, CCC as an example, we truly do not need a jamboree now that we are clocking 70 but a reformation, so that the lost glory of the church can be restored!

“When the Church Has Become A Ground For Entertainment, We Need Revival

At A time When A Music Minister Competes And Compares Himself With Secular Musician, We Need Revival.

At A Time When The Altar Of God Is Used For Comedy, We Need Revival.

At A Time When A Successful Minister Of The Gospel Is Measured By How Financially Rich He Is; And Not How Much Impact He Is Making: We Need Revival.

At A Time, When Passion For Souls Have Been Replaced With Fashion Parade In The Church, We Need Revival.

At A Time When Motivational Speaking Has Replaced Biblical Preaching: We Need Revival.

At A Time When You Really Cannot Differentiate Between A Daughter Of Zion And An Harlot: We Need Revival.

At A Time When Pastors Kill Each Other For Posting And Higher Position: We Need Revival.

At A Time When Modern Preachers Now Tell Us That JESUS Is Not Coming Soon: We Need Revival.

At A Time When PAINTING, ATTACHMENT And JEWELRIES Have Replaced The Beauty Of God’s Glory:

We Need Revival.

At A Time When Sexual Sin Is Referred To As Weakness And The Grace Of God Is Taken For Granted:

We Need Revival.

At A Time When Prophets Prophesy; Using Demonic Powers As Livelihood:

We Need Revival.

At A Time When The Church Does Not Know The Difference Between Witchcraft Spirit And The Holy Spirit:

We Need Revival.

At A Time When Filling The Seats In Our Place Of Worship Has Become A Priority; And Raising Of Funds Than Raising Disciples Of Jesus:

We Need Revival.

At A Time When Sinners Feel Comfortable In Our Churches And Saints Feel No Sense Of Urgency To Preach The Good News To The Lost:

We Need Revival.

At A Time When Pastors Are More Concerned About How Much Money Members Give Than How Much The Members Truly Love The LORD:

We Need Revival.

At A Time When The Word Of God Is Scarce And The Fire On The Altar Is Going Out, And The Priests Have Become Blind, The Watchmen Sleeping, And Holiness Is No Longer Our Standard:

We Need Revival.

We Need Revival, Not A Programme.

We Need Reawakening Of Our Souls And A New Awareness Of The Power Of God.

We Do Not Need Another Jamboree, But True Repentance Coupled With A Changed Life.

We Do Not Need Another Noise, We Need A Shaking And A Mighty Rushing Wind Of The Holy Spirit.

We Do Not Need Another Movement, We Need A Reformation.

We Need The Lord To Come Again And Restore Us Unto Himself.

We Need The Lord To Open Our Eyes Again That We May See Him.

We Want To See His Holiness Again That We May See Our Depravity.

We Need A Genuine Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit, We Are Tired Of Speaking In Tongues And Not Living Christ-Like.

There Is No Other Desire That We Have Than To Hear Again The Same Voice That Spoke In The Valley Of Dry Bones To Bring Us Back To life. Our Nations Are In Darkness, Yet We Are The Light.

We Cannot Pretend Anymore, We Need To Activate The Power Of Holy Ghost And He Will Reawaken Us.

He Will Revive Us Again Because We Do Not See Our Signs And Wonders As Done By The Apostles Of JESUS.

There Are Only Few JESUS’ Prophets In Churches, Some Are Not Even Recognized.

Let Us Pray That God Should Have Mercy Upon Us! And Revive Us Again!

Let Revival Hit The Earth In These Last Days.




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3 responses to “At A Time Like This In Celestial Church, This Is What We Need…”

  1. Akogbe Rachel says:

    Who so ever sat down to type this things, I pray for you with the anointing of God in me that u will never struggle to get your needs in Jesus name ..ah you really poured out my mind a daughter of a well know Shepherd in Alagbado. Salem to be precise…. I really wish all celestial especially our leaders could sit to read and think about what you have posted …honestly speaking am really ashamed being a celestial cos we re now a laughing stock and no one cares about it instead we encourage people to laugh at us the more by allowing nollywood use our church for their nonsense take a look at that movie called ipe by mercy aigbe alrald nonsense inside the church and how much was the church paid for that much insult another movie called oga akorin by odunade really this church won’t clean the word as it clam to as seen in our hymns but would rather add more to the trash in the world if it continues like this ….may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lead us in his infinite mercy …Amen

  2. Omo cele ni mi says:

    I appreciate the Almighty God this day, for the write up. The shower of the rain of the Holy Spirit, The fire in His word, The flowing river of His word. The power of CCC is in the name. Celestial means heavens candidate, the special ones of God brought to the world for a great mission, they are expected to fulfill that purpose on earth and someday return to the kingdom of heaven not hell. Church simply means the body of Jesus while Christ means the anointed. So I can interprete Celesian Church of Christ as The heavenly body of Jesus the anointed. Therefore as it is written in 1 Peter chapter 2 vs 9 ‘We are the chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people …… We had to pass through the flesh, the dust, the darkness to get into His marvellous light which is His word. John Chapter 1, in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was GOD. Celestians, the power of the anointed is in His word. If we do not have the word, the angel of darkness will appear to you as light and you will believe. The word of God is a two edged sword, the bible says that the weapon of our warfare are not canal but mighty through God the word to the pulling down of strongholds, so to cleanse the world get the word. The book of Ephesians chapter 6 from vs 10 speaks of the whole armour of God. I have not seen a soldier in the battle front that is not well kitted. To cleanse the world you need the word of God as your defence. Let’s continue in Gods word daily and the word will separate the weeds from the barley. Stand on the word, stand on His promises. Hallelujah!!!!

  3. Superior Evangelist T Bisi Odukoya says:

    Very very spot on, we need REVIVAL, not the one that is advertised but the one that advertises itself.

    Did Jesus EVER advertise His intention to do wonders and miracles? Please refer me to the biblical quotes.

    Did SBJ Oschoffa EVER advertise any of the recorded miracles he did before gping on the mission? Noooo, the revivala, miracles and wonders advertise to Glory of God in him.

    With all the ADVERTISED REVIVALS in the church to date, how many wonders and miracles – raising the dead or even lame had been accomplished? God is on the throne.

    Iam not publicising or praising any denomination but where reference is needed for correction, it should be presented. I hereby call your attention to TB Joshua of SYNAGOGUE. How many of us know that he was a prophet of Celestial Church of Christ, before instituting ‘his own” church? How many of us have watched any of his programmes, televised live in which various forms of hospitality are accomplished?
    How many times had we been shown live television coverage where many confined to wheelchairs had been raised up to their feet and never to need a wheelchair? Did he EVER advertise any of his programme before hand? Is there any means of identifying whether or not he still use his Celestial Prophetic calling in his personal prayer times? And after being fully charged with the Holy Spirit, he comes out in mufti and discharge. Does the bible not say ‘render your hearts and not your clothes?” Whatever any negativity you have to against any person, his/her strengths and weaknesses, the Lord God Almighty is the Divine Judge.
    Worst things were said about Jesus Christ “He is king of Belzebub” and SBJ Oschoffa, ‘ he was possessed with the marine and Atinga spirits’. However, at the deaths of both of them, signs and wonders happened and the same people that had being peddling false messages against them confirmed that ‘definitety, they were true messengers of Almighty God’.

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