Time Management In My Church Is Nothing To Write Home About- Fisayo Joel

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Prophet Fisayo Joel

This is one of the topics Prophet Fisayo Joel Jackson has thrown to the generality of Celestial Church of Christ concerning the way and manner we go about our services in the church without being consciouss of the time. No one is talking about it, and gradually we are losing members because of it to other denominations.

“Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When God created human He gave us head and brain to think (Word for the wise, some people will not read carefully and be making rough-sketch mouth).

Time management in my Church (Celestial Church of Christ) especially in Nigeria where we don’t take cognisance of things that matter. Colossians 4:5 “Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time”

Before someone will open rough-sketch mouth telling us what we already know about “ILANA” Tenets, let us make it known to them, we are very aware that in Celestial Church of Christ we don’t have a closing time right? Perfect! But when they are going for some special occasions on Sunday such as “Harvest, Musical concert etc” they are quick to be conscious of the time right with the service done under 3 hours.

Have you ever imagined why most of Celestial Churches during adult harvest period closes by 12pm, 1pm or maximum 1:45pm? And yet service will be done normally…… Beautiful!

So here is my question, on a normal service day where we don’t have any occasion to grace, why do we close by 4pm, 5pm, 6pm? Even one church in my area then goes to church from 10am till 7:30 pm for just one service. Kilode! (Your church members need to prepare for Monday and take care of the families too)

Now let us break it down a bit.


Service conductors are not suppose to do repetitions of the Psalm etc, our God is not deaf (Isaiah 59)


As a choir master your wisdom is needed here, don’t be too sadistically inclined. There are some hymns with 3 stanza(s) or more already and yet you are still repeating it threw time… C’omon!, if nothing is wrong with you, that’s absolutely time wasting. Hymns were been repeated then to teach the new convert and not even as ridiculous as most of us are doing it now.


I don’t go against such during the hour of service, let the spirit direct whosoever that is praying but remember don’t be like the hypocrites on repetitions of prayers. (Matthew 6:7)


This is one of the most time wasting and consuming in some of Celestial Churches, why do we have notice board at the entrance of our parishes if we still bring some irrelevant issues on the announcement (We cannot be too ritualism)

Some people turn it to where they negotiate money for traveling, buy burial clothes etc…. For Christ sake, why do we always call for meeting after the church hour if we begin to negotiate such on announcement period? OK……


This is it.

Songs for sermon should always prepare our mind towards the message to be heard. 1 to 3 songs that are meaningful  should be enough, stop searching for Holy Spirit that is not lost by singing ghos-ghas in our beautiful church before the sermon.

The Bible says the Spirit of the Lord will come like a dove not like a goat. When you sing ghos-ghas during the sermon the whole church will scatter like a market place, whereas you will be thinking is holy spirit abi? YOU BETTER GET WISDOM.


Hmmm….. Some preachers can tell the whole story about Papa Oshoffa but yet the lack Sophia, Sunesis and Epignosis about the Logos.

The word of God is so sweet that a verse can change a complete sinner. Please, stop merry-go-rounding and go straight to the point, time is so essential. (Proverbs 10:14 wise men store up knowledge)


Here, some parishes already designed their churches with high level of “poor-verty ”

They will be calling side men and side women to be counting how much inside the collection box wasting precious time of innocent ones to add to the offering…. That’s an act of” POOR-VERTY”

For now, let me just stop here………. Till I released proper video on this topic.

I am Prophet Fisayo Joel”

5 responses to “Time Management In My Church Is Nothing To Write Home About- Fisayo Joel”

  1. Ajiun Falokun. says:

    You are on point.I know of a church that finishes by 2pm dot on Sundays in my area.This is okay.Why can’t we emulate this in our churches.May God help us in CCC.

  2. Ayomikun says:

    You are very right sir time is everything in Life. May God Almighty help us

  3. Dipo BADEMOSI says:

    My Brother in the Lord Fisayo…for sure I know that I am not the only one that’s worried about this church,I hardly don’t read any of ur piece I see online. Even in my parish where I happen to be the Secretary,I told them in a parochial meeting that from 1st Sunday of may my closing time in the church is 2pm.i made it clear to them that God only gave us service time which re:10am,6pm &9am.thats to say we can finish Sunday service by 12noon and nobody will question u as a church but u will be question of u start Sunday service by 12noon. It is high time we started applying wisdom to the things we do now CCC.we are too myopic sighted in this church especially those of us in Nigeria..

  4. Prophet. dare busuyi. says:

    Fisayo, God of our father Papa OSHOFFA will continue to increase ur anointing ijn, I really appreciate ur write up. I pray our ppl will take corrections ijn

  5. Oluseyi says:

    May God bless you prophet Fisayo Joel!

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