Tips To Make You Child(ren) Receive The Gift Of Prophesy

April 19, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Youth Arena / 2 Comments »

Prepare your child for Empowerment by The Holy Spirit, it is clear that children can receive  The Baptism with The Holy Spirit and be empowered for Gods Service (Acts.2:39)

As a Christian Parent lead your child to Jesus to have genuine Salvation by repenting and ask God for forgiveness.

Encourage your child to pray for sanctification (for purity)…..this is not the same as Baptism with The Holy Spirit (for power), it precedes it as well. Jesus had prayed for the Sanctification of the Disciples (John.17:17)…please note that the Holy Spirit is Holy and dwells only in Holy Places.

Teach your child that the Holy Spirit is the Third Person in The Godhead. Having it will give him/her  Boldness, fearlessness, ability to dream and share the gospel  of Christ / perform miracles no matter the age….Prophecy of Joel on the  Four Daughters of Philip (Acts.21:19).

Prepare yourself and Model the Holy Spirit……. Children learn by imitation and so you have to recieve The Holy Spirit before you can successfully lead the child.

Prayer is very essential….. Teach your child how to pray and consecrate him/her to God. Let the child know that to receive or Honour God we need to PRAY ALL THE TIME..


-Emem Ojo

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2 responses to “Tips To Make You Child(ren) Receive The Gift Of Prophesy”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, you’re using this picture in many of your posts without consent. The parents of these children have expressed their concern and kindly request that you remove all of their images from all of your posts. Thanks and God bless.


    Weldon, u r on POINT my sister

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