Is A Title Of ‘Cardinal’ Used By Baba Odunmbaku Lawful In Celestial Church?

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He is a respected elder and staunch member of celestial church of Christ, within the fold of the church he is addressed as Cardinal. Note, before going further, let it be clear that, this piece is not to antagonise the person of Pa Odunmbaku, who is also a well respected politician fondly called Baba Eto.

It is aimed at the highest authorities/governing board of the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide to shed light on the authenticity of the title, “cardinal’ as it affects the church. This will not only educate the general populace and put the issue of the title in proper perspective. Is Cardinal title and wearing a cap inside the church by men lawful? Or is it an alien culture? What does the Constitution say about this strange ordinance happening in the church right now?

He belongs to no one, he is for himself. We have Celestial people going to his church where he is being referred as Cardinal. The last time I checked, Cardinal is not any of the titles for clergymen in Celestial Church of Christ. We stand to be corrected though.Cardinal Odunmbaku Baba Eto

9 responses to “Is A Title Of ‘Cardinal’ Used By Baba Odunmbaku Lawful In Celestial Church?”

  1. nora says:

    hmmmm….. though the bible say judge not, so that ye not be judge.. but as born Celestial member I’ve never heard of such title and wearing of caps by men, i think he should be warned as celestial church is one and have one doctrine worldwide if he wants to wear caps let him go to where it done or possibly have his own church.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Were can I see CCC in abuja or nyanya area

  3. Evangelist Martin dkord says:

    The primitive descent of the church has really affected her. It has created the vacuum for all these factions which exist today. But mind you, Celestial Church of Christ still is ONE, if anyone does anything contrary to the legacies of PAPA OSCHOFFA, then such should not be tagged by the name.
    Even PAPA OSCHOFFA himself did not wear such cap or any other form of cap in the church.

  4. Hannah says:

    The elders of the church are to show good examples to d body of the Christ. But they are the ones defiling the church. The rules governing any legally established organization are put in place by a select group.lf the rules are to be abrogated or modified, it will be done by a competent committee, not an individual. The self professed cardinal of CELESTIAL Church of Christ should better be advised to confine the advertisement of vanity to his political constituency, and not to bring in a strange culture into the abode of Jehovah

  5. tope says:

    I have never heard of the title ‘ cardinal ‘ in CCC n concerning his cap I believe it is wrong of him to wear cap in d church because normally in CCC ,.a man can wear cap on his sutana only outside d church, once inside d church, be it a king or president, he must remove his cap or crown in respect of d King of kings.

  6. iriju says:

    He’s not one us he already choose his path cardinal belong to Catholic and if he so .much love the tittle he sud join them

  7. Prophet Bumie says:

    Pastor Bada, blessed memory said, “whoever defies or disobey rules of God or the tenets of Celestial Church is a rebellious child”

  8. Prophet Bumie says:

    Going in spirit to ascertain answer to that question left me to the answer that whatever you call yourself has no signify with the host of heavens. But if Celestial has an ethical standard placed as rules to be obeyed, and someone defied it and nothing is done to stop it, its like there is no rule, and the rule breaker will survive.

  9. Olawole Famakinwa says:

    Our church is going through a lot of challenges at this time. Everybody is taking advantage of a lack of constituted authority at the top of our church to do whatever they want.
    Pa Odumbakun has a lot of adherents in the church. So I really have nothing to say about him particularly. The title of Cardinal is YET to be established in our church. It is one of the unnecessary titles that was in the pipeline a few years ago. Pa Odunbakun may be jumping the gun. I have observed a number of people wearing the Jewish skull cap on his church in our church. It is not as large as that worn in that photo. Men do not wear caps in our church.
    I am here to try and profer answers to questions posed and not to attack the intergrity of anybody.
    Our church is splintered into many factions. The centre in Imeko or Ketu cannot hold the component parts.

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