Top Celestial Member Tackles Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa Over 70th Anniversary Committee

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Cele @ 70 CommitteOur last story on the new constituted authority for the platinum jubilee slated for 29th of September is generating a controversy. One of the contenders of the stool who read about it sent an anonymous letter to us totally condemning the authority at Ketu for relegating other factional leaders in the selection of the 70-man team.

The sender stated in his opinion that Ketu faction tried to sell dummy to the public, acting as if all is well amongst the leaders fighting for the number one position, whereas court ruling still stands and until the final verdict is heard, the rule of law must be strictly adhered to.

Below is opinion of the said spiritual leader who only put Reverend Pastor without a name to it.

“In my opinion, the handling of the appointments of seventy members of the 70th Anniversary Committee was improper as compared with the Maforikan’s Burial Committee that enjoyed real unification by first inviting all the factional leaders together. Those leaders fashioned out the modalities of appointing the committee and sub committees.

Emmanuel’s appointments of committee members were within his faction and not joint effort.  You and others that wrote about this invitation issue made it look as if others are nonentity in this Church. Even a literate-illiterate referred to other factions as prodigal sons in his statement of arrogance and you guys call that spirit of unity. You’re actually dividing the Church with this biased position of yours.

I will prefer that you send any posting you want to get my attention on through People from the Intelligent Community that monitors all my sites believed that it is insulting and provoking to have statements that makes it look like the Leadership Tussle had been settled…”

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7 responses to “Top Celestial Member Tackles Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa Over 70th Anniversary Committee”

  1. V\m/s/ev.Adebowale G O ccc olode ii Ife says:

    Good move always attract criticism Pastor Mobiyina only need to stand by the word of God…

  2. micheal says:

    why all dis again,as a matter of fact,let dem call all d order parties & bring dem 2geda,for a better plan,cos i don’t see any reason for segregation here,we are one & let us remain one for d success of dis 70th anniversary,cos we d youths are even better prepared & ready dan all dis so called elders & if dey are not ready for d work,let d youths b picked & given d job & i bet it wit u dat we will do better dan dere expectation,all is well & oju oluwa nwo wa o.

  3. Ade jare says:

    What right has Ketu have to constitute a committee without involving the other factional leaders? I am sure Pius has advised them to go ahead with that. Just wait and see what will be unfolding about your chuck in the next two weeks. You will be going to give some people food at Kirikiri. Mo palu fun yin naa

  4. Gbadebo Bukola says:

    True talk….ketu authority should move round the factions parishes and have a solid meetings with them. If they really want peace unification as they claim. They should not be selfish

  5. Ldr. Bryan says:

    Moses seyi Black, how dare you conclude such to be propaganda, well, it means all your rainbownet news are all propaganda and i will ask reasonable fellows added to your propaganda group to leave henceforth. Merely seeing the hand writting and statement tone, i can conclude within my mind to be Shonekan Godwin Bolanle who also runs website and literate. Stop condeming peoples. Treat the real topic posted. Inviting all factions as claimed by ketu was all ruse. It does not hold water, proper channels should be followed.

  6. Moses seyiblack says:

    This is just a propaganda jooor who wrote dis?

  7. Oki Daniel says:

    there is no proper dissemination of information for d nomination of 70 men working committee to other factiions………..

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