What Tosho Oshoffa Said About His Late Dad Will Shock Many!

May 28, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 11 Comments »

Snr. Evang Olatosho Mathew Oshoffa, one of the sons of late spiritualist of the highest order, prophet pastor Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa has said it all. He has been shuttling France and Nigeria to do evangelism and his effort in reuniting Celestial Church of Christ is has been thumbed up as he has been found meeting major stakeholders in the church to embrace peace and make the church come under one platform.

Well, as a vibrant preacher and passionate evangelist, he said something about his late dad that we all need to know about. That the late founder was an occultist is something we shouldn’t even discuss around us. This is because a certain man searched for the name of the man Oshoffa in the occultist books but found none.

“On a very beautiful early Morning, when SBJ Oshoffa was still alive there came a very prominent Yoruba actor who paid Papa a visit. Papa who just woke up was shocked about the strange visit when told about the man who was waiting for him that early. He immediately asked the man to come in. On seeing the gentleman, Papa asked, ” What made you visit this early? ”

The Man told Papa, ” Papa, I want to release a Yoruba movie, and in that movie, many of the secrets of the dark world would be revealed, and since NOBODY reveals such secrets without losing either of his immediate family, I therefore SEARCHED your Name (SBJ Oshoffa ) in all the Sects of the Whole World upon the Miracles that you perform in the Name of God, I couldn’t find your Name listed in any of the Occultist Sects, that means that God you call and believe in is so Powerful, I want to put my whole family under the Umbrella of that GOD that you serve so that nothing can happen to my immediate family members when the movie is eventually released ”

Papa, now in a relaxed mood, replied, “my brother, kneel down for prayers” he did. The movie was released and no evil happened to him Hallleluyah!”

You have heard it all from the horses’ mouth. At least, it’s crystal clear now that his son has confirmed that he witnessed the event and it was confirmed from the man that Papa was never an occultist. Now, my question is those who now practice occultism, from whose dad did they adopt that? Those who do herbalism to aid God’s work in the church, who taught them?

Who gave them the authorisation to use wizardry and witchcraft to run the affair of this church? Those who are not into any form of voodoosm are filled with unforgiving spirits which is spirit of destruction! I don’t expect an elder of this church to keep malice for ages and preach salvation to the members. Please who has taught you the Bible?

I don’t expect an elder of this church to kill a man and marry his wife! I don’t expect an elder to use occult powers to make someone go mad so he can take over his property, it was never in Celestial Church character, so anyone who does all that is not and will never be part of this Celestial fold.


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11 responses to “What Tosho Oshoffa Said About His Late Dad Will Shock Many!”

  1. TAYE akewi cele jp says:

    Well-done olatosho you be omo OKO nt omo ale wish l myself kno ,all evil doer in celestial would not go on punished pls don’t talk too much very soon oro aso ra re aburo.

  2. Lanji says:

    Yes its true there is power in celestial but the way of nowadays is difference from the olden days, for me the way u serve u receive,all the bad people in celestial god of oshofa Wii judge them.

  3. CelestialJoy says:

    Woow!!!@Sis.Janet pls tone down your use of vulgar words ….will you allow a mere comment make you commit sin by referring to Gods Creation as BEAST _Ibironke……No matter your level of provocation Hold on tight to the meek attitude of Jesus ….I cherish you sis..Halleluyah

  4. CelestialJoy says:

    @Ibironke Halleluyah Dear, please I want you to know that you got it all wrong….. you didn’t read the story calmly to the end neither did you base your comment on the post…….it pays to understand a post else you hurt Gods anointed or make false allegations.

    #Ibironke proudly Celestial member Hope you are cuz I am
    #CelestialJoy proudly Celestial member

  5. Oluwagbemiga says:

    whats the caused of the argument here now, instead of to read and understand or leave and go. you started argument concerning someone else family matters, please wake up.

  6. Janet says:

    Ibironke or whatever you call yourself, you are a beast in human form, have you ever seen mobiyina claiming tosho to be his biological son? Where did you get your history from? Can you publicly challenge the person you claimed to be Tosho father to come out and accept such? If not I challenge you to bring proof of such and if not remain an idiot of highest order for life

  7. Ibironke says:

    Plz this people should stop looking for cheap publicity in the name of what papa said, what papa said are the all living up to it. Hmmmm, Tosho is the new pastor son, how can you disrespect you biological father parading yourself as pastor pls go and study the Bible so you will continue to feed the people the word of God not looking for cheap publicity don’t feel bad OK we love you

  8. Ogunrotimi Opeyemi says:

    Huuuuuuuum God of OSHOFA I worship u uuuuuuu u are there for me (ijo mimo tana ogo re irawo yo like etc

  9. Prophetess Adeola imoleayo says:

    May d lord bless d writter and d reader of dis words dat iz ccc iz a church of holy trinity.gud job my bro in d lord.Halelluyah

  10. Prophet Owoeye says:

    This guy with his alarming headlines! What’s so shocking in his statement now? That he said his dad was not an occultist, why should I be shocked about that? It should be something else not shocking. Though, I must give it to you that you are really trying. Morning, day and night, you are aways working, you really deserve an award. But try and be more professional with the way you go about some stories, people are reading you, it’s s good name uou have built, don’t spoil it. May God bless you.

    • prophet shapered Emmanuel,(a.k.a.woli fire) says:

      well beloved celestia i appreciat all ur comment,tosho is right by saying u can nt use d power of voodo to destroy sm one life,his story might b true,remember exodus 20vs16,thou shall nt bear false witness against thy brother,he can nt say wt he din’t see.in dis race of pastor,tosho,emmanuel,sonekan, haven shall appiont d right person dear in jesus name.

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