Tragedy: Thunder Strikes Shepherd’s Wife Dead, Clergy Sustains Injury

April 7, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 11 Comments »

Many were shocked for such an abominable and ugly incidence. God have mercy. Something might have gone wrong somewhere. How come? Why? That’s strange! All these are coming out from residence where this branch of our church is located at Ota, Ogun State.

According to the info sent to us, it’s still a mystery why thunder would strike wife of a shepherd dead in the middle of the night and the shepherd sustaining serious injury.

“Somehow tragic occurred around here. It’s a big slap on our face.  A CCC Shepherd and his wife got stricken by thunder three days ago while asleep. Unfortunately the woman died while the Shepherd was seriously injured.

According to tradition, they summoned the Sango worshippers in order to perform the burial rites for the shepherd’s wife but we were informed that, some of the Parish members prevented that to happen leading to the closure of the parish as we learnt palm fronds were tied at the entrance of the church possibly by the Sango people.

What can we call this?

While trying to reach one of the people who witnessed the ungodly event, the source said he would get more updates for us before end of the week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for photos and detailed briefing of the occurrence.

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11 responses to “Tragedy: Thunder Strikes Shepherd’s Wife Dead, Clergy Sustains Injury”

  1. Ariremako says:

    Let’s not judge them,u and I are not God,we never can tell what really could b a land issue.

  2. ibk says:

    Wonder! Wonder hummmmmmmm

  3. Atubi Godwin says:

    Definitely, they are not true celestial members. Goats in sheepskin

  4. sup/Ev.Adebowale G.O ccc OLODE 2 Ife says:

    This is a confirmation of God annoyance on sinful act . let us know more about the issue as it continued. The wife & husband were not true celestial ambassador.

  5. Oluwafolakemi says:

    God will surely select d evils one and deal with them,pls info us with d remaining news

  6. Adeyemi okayinka says:

    Definitely,we can call him a CCC Shepard cos of he has a clean hand ,he can never be strike by thunder.May God continue to expose d evil doer in our church.

  7. OLUKANKUN folorunsho says:

    There hand’s are not clean

  8. MC Titilayo akinkunmi says:

    pls update us , we really want to know

  9. 'mofe Odunbaku says:

    Can someone pls tell us the exact place in Ota

  10. Ibukunoluwa says:

    D church is very close to where my mum lives and that man as somtin hidden bcos since he has been in that place he has never behaved like a celestial shepherd,he wears all kinds of colours of garment and he doesn’t relate wit people around him but my believe is that he brought that to his family.

  11. Passing by says:


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