The Transition From Trusting Human Beings To Trusting God

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For some individuals, putting our trust in human beings instead of God seems to be an everyday occurrence.  We often have tendencies which revolve around placing our trust in substantial items. I myself can admit that I do fall into this category but what is the reason for this?

I am sure many Christians of today would argue that their trust is fully in the Lord but as human beings, there will always be that element of doubt, no matter how positive we may feel our trust in the Lord is. For me, placing my trust in the Lord is all about asking one easy and straight -forward question.  Do I really believe in him? Believing in him is one thing but as Christians it is essential to know the true meaning behind trusting and believing in the Lord as opposed to human beings.

Trusting in the Lord brings about an aspect of peace and happiness.  We are often calm when we know that God is dealing with the situation at hand. The main reason why trusting God is crucial is because he is worthy of our trust. In comparison to us human beings, God will never lie and He will always fulfill His promises no matter what circumstances we are in.

In attempt to know God through His mighty words, we will notice that He is definitely worthy of our trust and as a result, our trust in God will continue to grow on a daily basis. Trusting God should have a corresponding effect on your life. To know God is to trust Him.

Finally, another reason why it is important to make that transition of placing our trust in the Lord is quite simple.  As human beings we have no rational substitute.  Are we to trust in others or ourselves who are often sinful, treacherous and deceitful whom often make bad decisions influenced by our feelings and emotions? The choice is fairly obvious, however, as human beings we fail to put our trust in God because we cannot see Him or because we do not know Him as well as we should. As already stated, to know God is to trust Him. God has made Himself available to everyone so there is no reason why we should not place all our trust I Him.

-Bristol Parish

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