Trouping Out During Collections/Sermon: It Is Indiscipline, Lack Of Respect For God- Oyagba

December 7, 2022 / Celestial News Online / On The Spot / 1 Comment »

Special Most Senior Evangelist Anthony Michael Oyagha.

Reacting to the usual practice of our members who often troupe out of the church bowl during the collection of offerings and sermon, Evang Oyagba Anthony said it’s out of a lack of respect for God and a high sense of indiscipline in the parish and its members.

Here is his submission, “It all boils down to indiscipline and lack of respect for God, not humans.
It’s only in Celestial Church I see members trouping outside during collections and they busy themselves discussing what did not bring them to church in the first place.
And you know what, they end up carrying loads of problems they didn’t come to church with.

If only they read to understand psalm 1:1-2 and know the impact of every word therein, they will stay and face the God they came to meet in service.
Even if you don’t have money, stay where you are and let God whom you have come to meet decide your fate.

My wife can never try that nonsense neither will any of my children. Who born them?

That time is when many idle away gossiping about others that are committed. And they get their reward.
You reap what you sow.

When others are sowing seeds, gossip about them and reap disappointment when harvesting season comes.
I call them dogs because the Bible is clear on that, that dogs stay outside.
God can not be mocked.

The church is not a place to come and waste time, or bother about anything else apart from renewing your faith and relationships with God. Not a meeting venue. You see them and begin to wonder where they threw their morals.
I don’t announce anymore for such people to come inside because salvation is not forced on anyone.”


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One response to “Trouping Out During Collections/Sermon: It Is Indiscipline, Lack Of Respect For God- Oyagba”

  1. Omo Ijomimo says:

    Bro. What does the attached picture need to do with collections and sermon?

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