Who Are You! A True Celestial Member Or A Terrestrial Member?

January 18, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »

Lizl Ebony Angel“There are Celestial bodies and there are terrestrial bodies but the glory of Celestial is one while the glory of terrestrial is another”- I Corinthians 15:40.  The way some youths are tarnishing the image of Celestial Church of Christ is so absurd, while some are trying to build it for the best, some are just acting weird and their elders and Shepherds have nothing to say about it. Well, I am not surprised, most of them now are Kowope Shepherds and all they want is a large church with members even if they are nonentities.

One fact you should know is that, the Judgments of the Lord will definitely fall upon those who work towards breaking and tarnishing the image of the Church. And to those Shepherds who are not looking after the flocks but run after money and material acquisitions will also have their results. Celestial Church cannot be destroyed, get that into your skull, you can only destroy yourself.

Awon ota ijo yi yio la erupe ile. And have you forgotten your Deuteronomy 28 from 14 to the end? It will come to pass, I mean those curses will come to pass on whoever destroys the Image of the Church be it on social media or outside. Those youths will mess it up and run to Pentecostal churches and they will say Celestial Church is fetish…. Who spoilt it?

See, the day will come when Christ will come with a mighty hand with fire to carry the true Celestial with Him and fire the bad ones… Continue Oju Oluwa Nwo Yin

Who are you A true Celestial or a Quack? Those that are serving wholeheartedly are enjoying the full grace anywhere they go, they are distinguished for greatness but the quack ones find it hard to feed, and they eat the crumbs like the prodigal son. They only carry glory, they sing, minister, do all things but they never hit it.

It’s a time and a period of Change. Let’s work for the purification of our souls.

-Liz Angel Ebony

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