How True Is This N150 Million Story Linked To Pius Olarewaju?

February 12, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 11 Comments »

News from the scuttlebutt has it that Celestial Church of Christ account status is no longer what it used to be. As you are reading this, if information at our disposal is something to hold on to, then the church may be gradually heading to the verge of getting its groove back with its original glory restored. As we were hinted, aside money for the Imeko Cathedral project, Treasurer to the Board of Trustee, Sup. Evang. Pius Olarewaju has helped CCC to save over N150 million in a reserve offing of the church. Could this be true?

Though, if we compare what other united denominations are making from a single service, you will all agree with me that this money is nothing to write home about for the ‘almighty’ Celestial Church of Christ to have realized under a year; let’s give it to the new BoT, it’s a remarkable feat indeed. We just hope that whatever money realized will be judiciously put to use.

Meanwhile, an inside source made us to know that it’s most likely that part of the money would be paid to the new contractors as soon as the new constituted committee has agreed to commence with the Imeko Cathedral project so as to make the stipulated date a reality.

In a swift reaction, Treasurer of the BoT, Pius Olarewaju is said to be one of the signatories to the account of the church and tongues are wagging that, it’s unlawful for anyone who is a treasurer of any association to be a signatory to the account of the association he represents. We need clarification on this subject matter from financial experts in the house please!

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11 responses to “How True Is This N150 Million Story Linked To Pius Olarewaju?”

  1. Bisola omoge says:

    Cno are u not tried of defaming this man.u have been to his office u have granted interview why didn’t u ask all these questions, seems some pple are fingering ur Brain. You better don’t spoil ur career as a journalist,cos am begging to see crook in u.which school train u sef.

  2. John Itunu Oshin says:

    Meaningful points, everyone, we have not started, this is preparatory time, every eyes shall see, every ears shall hear, every tongues shall confess THE NEW JERUSALEM. Hallelujah!!!

  3. Isaac Badaru says:

    May God help You Sir. Sup Evang. PIUS OLANREWAJU


    As a treasurer, he is automatically a signatory to he association account cos he is going to be held accountable for every penny in the association account. He is the “AKAPO” purse keeper, so he has to know how much come into the account and how much is spent to be able to render the account

  5. Sup. Evang. Micheal Balogun says:

    All the constituted parochial committee treasurer in all well established parishes are signatory to their parishes, how come the B.O.T treasurer will not be one of the signatory to the account. Carry on, our able, trusted, reliable, action and committed treasurer, Sup. Evang. Pius Olanrewaju. Almighty Jehovah will reward you. Amen.

  6. prophet. dare busuyi. says:

    Treasurer of any organization must be part of signatory for proper record..

  7. prophet. dare busuyi says:

    Treasurer of any organization must be part of signatory for proper record..

  8. Evangelist Anthony Oyagha. says:

    Treasurers anywhere can be signatories to accounts where they so become treasurers. They can’t be sole signatories to such accounts. Good accounting principles should make the sole signatories to such accounts be the chairman, secretary and the treasurer. Withdrawal should have mandates for the chairman as compulsory and any other in which case the three are not available or complete.

  9. Houndeyin Francis says:

    There is nothing stopping a Treasurer from being one of the signatories of the union’s account he keepe. The only problem with him is HE/ SHE SHOULD NOT BE THE ONLY SIGNATORY. He has the right to know how and when money kept in his care leaves the account. Ideally , the official signatories should include
    Chairman/Head of the Union – AUTHORITY
    Secretary / Financial Secretary -RECORDS
    Treasurer- AWARENESS

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