Who We Have Turned Out To Be…Message To All CCC Members

June 13, 2017 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / Add Comment »

Who we are in CCC, who people think we are and who we ought to be are things we must all register in our minds before we claim or present ourselves as members of this church.

It’s funny how these phrases have different remarks if asked. Naturally, the answers should be the same… But who are we really, who do people really think we are and who are we really ought to be?

If you are a member of the CCC today, WHO ARE YOU? The only way this can be really answered is placing it beside who you ought to be. Unfortunately there is a large discrepancy between both. The church today harbors you and I; the thugs, fornicators, deceptive minds, liars, thieves, Idol worshipers, corrupt leaders, corrupt members, un-spirited prophets, wayward youths, ‘Oversabis’ who know more than the Holy Spirit and prophesy of their flesh, dictators who lead the church astray, those who are materially rich and spiritually poor, those who walk in camouflage, those who are live and breathe hypocrisy… The list ​goes on and on and sadly that is who we have turned out to be.


I’ll tell you it’s not far-fetched. Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 3:2- ‘Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men’. Who we appear to be is who the world sees us as. The way we portray ourselves is the way they take us to be. Who are we now to blame the world for calling us names, I mean we brought that upon our own selves. Someone I know usually says, ‘if God sees your heart, let the world also see it’.

CCC to me is white attire, once soiled with oil; the stain is the first part to be noticed by observers. And that we should always bear in mind. Let’s make them swallow up the curses showered on the fold. The next time you are about to go out of line, think about how you will be the oil stain people will first notice, think of the shame you will bring unto the name of the church descended by Christ Himself, think of the fate of your salvation and be cautioned.

Why do I say all these, it’s simply because of WHO WE OUGHT TO BE which we obviously aren’t just yet.

We are a chosen generation, the last boat of salvation, a divine nation, firstborns of Christ Himself, processors of a unique level of grace called LULI, a pure and true generation. The sad part is many of us exist within this fold without a true discovery of who we really are so we walk feeding on crumbs rather than luxuriously living in the divine grace of the Most High.

It’s a period of discovery now, set aside the worldly things we endlessly cling to, set aside the manly struggle for position and power, the truth is we aggressively fight for these things with all of our might because our understanding is not upgraded to see that we worth more than earthly treasures. For God sake we are CELESTIAL why bring ourselves so low to the TERRESTRIAL?

#WeAreUnique #WeAreCelestial #WeAreOfCHRIST

-Tolani Adele

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