UK Based International Organisation Presents Platinum Jubilee Award

March 9, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Spotlight / 3 Comments »

UK based international award organisation, Celestial Honours & Merit Award International a brainchild of Superior Evangelist Ebenezer, Shepherd-In-Charge, CCC Crown of Glory Parish, London, recently announced the forthcoming Celestial Platinum Award Ceremony which is going to be an extraordinarily special event arranged to celebrate excellence, accomplishment and outstanding commitment within the Celestial Church of Christ worldwide.

In a grand ceremony, the award presentation, unlike any other that ever taken place in the Celestial Church fold, is tagged ‘THE PLATINUM 70’ which will honour seventy distinguished Celestians that have invested their lives, times and efforts in whatever cap[acity for the advancement of the church.  We are talking about people with exceptional track records and dedication to God’s work in CCC.

The Platinum Awards Ceremony is going to take place in September 2017 to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide and the intention is to give public recognition of the awardees’ hard works and exemplary achievements in the fold.

While reacting to questions raised during an interactive moment with the progenitor of the concept, Superior Evangelist Ebenezer, President of Celestial Honours and Merit Awards International, said “we are very excited about the Platinum 70 Awards Ceremony and preparation is at an advanced stage to ensure that the awards presentation is successfully hosted in Nigeria. It is going to be a very grand event that will enthrall every son and daughter of the church.” The Platinum 70 is once in a lifetime event, we want Celestians all over the world to join us in the selection process and nominate the Platinum 70 Celestians. Whilst congratulating you for being part of this event, we implore you to send us a mail on how best to touch every Celestian worthy of this honour. We will be updating you happenings as event unfolds.”

To contact, nominate or suggest, please email us at

3 responses to “ UK Based International Organisation Presents Platinum Jubilee Award”

  1. Sanami Iyedimor Mercy Ukpangere says:

    pls can i join you in UK to serve God of Celestial?

  2. Sanami Iyedimor Mercy Ukpangere says:

    Please i join you in UK to serve God of Celestial ?

  3. Sanami Iyedimor Mercy Ukpangere says:

    Am only afraid for those people saying Negative things about CCC, becos God said thou SHALL NOT Judge is anointed ones, as for me I want go as serving God in CCC IJN.

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