Unacceptable New Habit During Sanctification Among Female Members

July 30, 2022 / Olaiya / Code Of Conduct / Add Comment »

It is always good when we all stand up to do what is right in the sight of God, and we should all clamour for the good of our church collectively. And I believe we can all achieve it. Many female members are found to go to the service late and not that they are truly engaged, but when it comes to God’s work they must be late.

It is very disheartening for any female members to come to church for sanctification when the service has begun. Many parish shepherds don’t even care about the timing, but they only care about getting you sanctified. Any female parishioner can arrive in the middle of a service and still be sanctified. but it is not appropriate. This is not how it began, and we are deviating from the doctrine gradually if necessary.

Even though some people live far from the church, some shepherds believe it is worth the trip to sanctify such female members. We get up very early to prepare for our daily office and still arrive on time, but because we lack fear of God, we take things of God lightly and with levity. However, if you live extremely far from your parish, you can go for your sanctification in any parish closer to you. Sanctification should not be done once the service has begun, except in the course of unforeseen circumstances.

Sanctification can be observed any day but not all hours. There are some hours dedicated to God only, to serve Him we should respect the hours. No Shepherd has any power to give grace to someone, which will damage the standard of God Almighty.

Any lady in that circumstances ought to have come for her sanctification at least thirty minutes before the service.

Dear female members, if you can’t go to the church before the service starts, then the sanctification should be done after the service. Take note.


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