Understanding God: The Good Fight Of Faith

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1 Tim 6:12

In my quiet time, after the incident of the gruesome murder of Sister Deborah in Sokoto, the Lord made me see the whole situation from a remarkably different perspective.

To be honest, at some point, I had thought within myself that Deborah was quite insensitive! I thought she should have simply texted sorry to the chat group to douse the tension (because she was allowing retracting her belief) so that life goes on. But, I was wrong actually!

Contrary to my opinion, I experienced a surprising silence when the Spirit of God eventually ministered to me that:*” Deborah wasn’t insensitive, she chose not to deny me before the people of the world!”* Amazingly, this is how Sister Deborah was vindicated by the Holy Spirit.

Immediately, the scripture in Mathew 10:33 was revealed to me. “…whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.” I took a very deep breath!

Then, it dawned on me that Deborah had actually made a confession of the goodness of Jesus in her life, which was a true confession and refused to deny Jesus. This was why she was killed!

At this point, I was convinced that Sister Deborah has “fought the good fight of faith and has gone to rest in the bosom of the Almighty!”

I can understand the anger and why people out there are anxious to see justice takes its course in this matter, that is fair enough though!

But, as Christians who understand the “spiritual contents of the world we live in and the word of God,” we know that vengeance is of the Lord! Rom 12:19 and Heb 10:30. We simply can’t do otherwise if we don’t want God to turn His back on us!

Did you know that God in His mind-blowing awesomeness may even decide to forgive all her killers and choose to use them as a Vessels to proclaim His name, just like the case of Paul Apostle, who knows?

In other words, rather than following on the path of others, I think this is a challenge in itself to make us ponder on our relationship with Jesus. Just like Deborah, are you sure you can stand up for Jesus (even in the face of the imminent threat of death) and fight the good fight of faith, like a real disciple of Jesus? Are you sure?

It is interesting to note that almost everything they did to Sister Deborah, was done to the disciples of old and which Jesus Christ said, they shall do unto us for His namesake. John 15:20. If so, as believers, we shouldn’t be surprised at such things whenever it happens. Simply because we are not and cannot be an exception to the realities and manifestations of the words of God.

So, if you are a Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet, Reverend, Bishop etc, I think we need to start asking ourselves this question: am I able to stand a confrontation and temptation of my faith (at the point of death,) and remain resolute and unswerving? Can we stand up for Jesus in the face of imminent death?

No doubt, many believers today (especially the comfortable ones) will most likely compromise and find a way around the situation to cleverly avoid any consequence of death. Most of us don’t want to lose the good life, fame, connections, wealth and all the treasures we are enjoying in this vain world.

Basically, that means denial of Jesus! See
Matthew 16:25 “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.” Glory to God!

I believe this must be the scripture on Sister Deborah’s heart, which helped strengthened her faith in Jesus. So much so that in the face of death, Deborah didn’t look at the beautiful bright future ahead of her, instead, she chose to die for Jesus!

Though, the family of Sister Deborah may think they’ve lost their child “untimely,” I like to state here that: *”great disciples don’t count years, rather, they want to ensure to leave an indelible mark as well as to live a life devoted to the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, irrespective!”* This is what Deborah has succeeded in doing!

Apparently, Deborah’s death is another wake-up call for every true believer as well as those who profess to be Christians but have already sold their souls to the devil.

We all need to understand that we are in this world to “Represent Jesus Christ!” Christ is the face of a Christian believer. “It is better to die for His namesake than to live in guilt of denial of His name.” After all, what more do we have to live for, if not for Jesus?

At age 19, our kid Sister Deborah was spiritually endowed enough to know that “it is more profitable to die for Jesus than to live in guilt of His denial.” This is the good fight of faith: it is divinely spiritual (giving your whole life to Jesus) and not physical wrestling against flesh and blood. Eph 6:12-18

Therefore, as Children of God, let’s “be prepared always” to “fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” 1 Tim 6:12.

May the Lord help us to be able to confess the good confession even in the face of imminent death in Jesus’ name…

God bless
Evang. Petersen


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