Unfounded Allegations, Lies and Truths About Anuoluwapo Ajayi- Babajide Elegbe

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Babajide Elegbe

When we taught the issue at New Jerusalem Parish, Manchester between the Shepherd, Evang. Owolabi Oni and a member of the parish, V/M/S/E Anuoluwapo Ajyi has been put to rest having had from both parties, presently there is a new development as another counter reaction has surfaced from  the secretary of the Parish, Babajide Elegbe (He didn’t put his title).

He totally condemned all he (Ajayi) presented to #CNO and gave a new light to all that has been written from the aggrieved Ajayi and his wife.

Read his response below dear readers.

“My name is Babajide Elegbe. My attention has been drawn to recent comments and derogatory remarks made against my person by the subject matter (ANUOLUWAPO AJAYI).

Also I have read where some unscrupulous individuals, made comments associating me with issues that have nothing to do with me, referring to me as a certain “peace” .

Brief Background On My Joining The Parish.

There is a saying that “when you get to a place newly, you HUMBLE yourself and let GOD be the one to elevate you! James 4:10, 1 Peter 5:6

1: 12 years ago was my first attendance in Jerusalem Parish Manchester at the naming ceremony of a brother and a friend till date.

2:  In the last 5 years, I have been worshipping on and off @ the Parish due to other commitments.

3: I became active member fully in the parish in the year 2015 of which I took up the task of sideman in the Parish.

4: The passion and dedication shown by myself as a sideman earned me the title amongst parishioners “Onibode No Nonsense

5: In addition of being the sideman, I also saw the gap in communication within the parish and took up the responsibility of sending out information to the members via Text messages. This I still do till date!

6: It is also worth to note that the number ending with 114 I use in sending out text messages on behalf of the church was a. Lycamobile paygo. I was using my own personal funds in topping it up to do so. Without recourse to the church for refund. Rather to the glory of GOD.

7: Since my becoming a full member in the Parish, I had done what is expected as a sideman diligently and respectfully to everybody.

8: Due to the diligence and dedication, I was appointed as THE PARISH SECRETARY. Which can be confirmed from parish members. I NEVER lobbied, begged OR Bribed to be appointed.

9: Even when I was just happy being a sideman and just sending out information to members of the Parish, I made my thoughts known that being the secretary would eat into my time and I might not be able to fully commit to the role. However since it was to the glory of God and growth of the Parish and CCC as a whole, I accepted the Role.

10: It is worthy to NOTE that all the above and others duties. Interpretation during sermon, church admin duties, harvest committee member, etc. I have done and still doing till date. Without any complaints


1: I do NOT know Anu Ajayi or his wife from Adam. I have never consulted him either as a prophet that he claims he is, or as a man or servant of God as he claims.

2: I have NEVER had any dealings with him until sometime in the year 2016 where on a Wednesday morning, I had come to pick something in church and I greeted him and he refused to answer me. I then at this point went to him and said, I am greeting you and you are ignoring me. He said he purposely didn’t answer because he had been watching me not greeting him Bla bla bla. Anyways I said sorry to him and we ended it there and then. There is a witness who can confirm this!

2: Second incident was during Sunday service, I believe it was the investiture day or newly anointed church members. My loins had been loosen without my knowledge and no one had drawn my attention to it. Anu Ajayi stood in front of the congregation saying in Yoruba that” E ri bi odindin akowe ijo se di amure ti on Wo ile ”

I got upset at the above comments and reported him to the church elders who apologised to me and promised to speak to him on the matter.  This can also be confirmed!

3: He went about telling people that I switched off the microphone on him during a church midweek programme.

Unfortunately on this day, the church was preparing for harvest and the sound engineer had come to set the speakers, microphones and volumes .etc

I was not aware of this, I just came switched on the engine and noticed the volume becoming crackly after increasing it to the fullest. I even thought it was because of his (Anu Ajayi) Samsung gear that was interfering with the mic hence the cracking

So therefore I had to switch it off. UNFORTUNATELY I didn’t know the volume was reduced from the MASTER volume in the mixer until the following day when I saw the sound engineer and told him that the microphone wasn’t working well. He then pointed this out to me.

4: 4th incidence was when he had made a comment in Yoruba about me to someone saying” o na iparun ni mo n to lo”

I was upset and confronted him with this, I was angry to the extent that I would have beaten him up. BUT people around prevailed and told me to let peace reign and shouldn’t do so considering my position as the church secretary. There and then I let sleeping dogs lie and moved on. This can also be confirmed!

It is also worthy to note that as the church secretary, I am also responsible for doing the church monthly roaster for service conductors and sermoners.

Anu Ajayi had met me once in the church office and said is that the roaster I was doing and I answered saying yes. He asked me when he would be engaged and I said not yet because I haven’t concluded it. He further went on to say i quite” so mo rank mi sha” and I said No. he said “Ven. Most Snr. Evang ” I said okay.

Even when He (Anu Ajayi) was asked about all the above concerns 1-4 I reported to the elders, he denied ever saying so! From then onwards I avoided him like a PLAGUE that he is!”


This will come up in our subsequent posts

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5 responses to “Unfounded Allegations, Lies and Truths About Anuoluwapo Ajayi- Babajide Elegbe”

  1. E.T says:

    thank you for defences so far, to be sincere with both parties, I can see absence of love, tranquility, holy spirit
    with the look of things both are trying to misused the opportunity given to work for the Glory of God, please allow perfect peace according to Phil 4:8-9
    Halleluyah Sir, God of CCC ‘ll neverttake the Grace from us

  2. Joel Adegoke says:

    Nice write up. I read the first series of the subject matter. My major concern on this is; how did this get physical fight? There are better ways to handle situations, it would have been a bit understandable if the other party is not a shepherd. Head butting!!!! from a Shepherd. I was disappointed because it seems like a new situation trending among shepherds. A shepherd around Ojodu axis in Lagos is another typical example; engaging in physical fight with his member. Whoever is right or wrong is not the concern but the trait of a leader and alternative means of handling situations such as this. It is so nice, the management of the church is putting things in order. God help us

  3. Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

    Yes I refer to you as Peace because that is your fake name USED POINT BLANK.

    You are a very RUDE boi but am not here to exchange WORDS with you. You and others are pushing OWOLABI simply because you want his complete down fall from all indications here.


    YOU Mr, Onibode, I recognize you well in fact the flash of my encounter with you by the entrance came back now. I WAS TO GIVE YOU A MESSAGE BUT REALIZED YOU DON’T WORTH IT. WATCH OUT YOU MAY BE THE NEXT ONE WITH HAMMER ON YOUR HEAD…

    • Loveth says:

      Halleluyah ma, I believe that u meeting someone for the ist time is not sufficient for you to measure his/her worth. Also, if truly you were sent by God to give a message to this man, is there any possibility for you to refuse His work? Im a non ccc, but what i have heard from members who prophesied made me understand that you are not in control of yourself once you have received the Holy spirit.

  4. Superior Evangelist (Barrister) Olawole Famakinwa says:

    Thank you very much for the input by the Parish Secretary. New Jerusalem Parish Manchester will come out stronger after all the tensions and conflicts are aired and properly addressed. Amen. It is now ‘Matters Arising’. Let the truth be told and the devil and his agents be put to shame.

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