Unhidden Secret Of Prosperity Unknown To Many

November 11, 2016 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / Add Comment »

treasure-box-2Why do you have to suffer in silent? Why do you think the only way you can get rich quickly is by investing your money in any form of network fund growth like MMM, H2I and others? Well, the simple, ancient unhidden secret of prosperity is payment of TITHE.

According to a living testimony who has witnessed tremendous growth in her business through the regular payment of her tithe, Ego Efiok, though not a Celestial Church member, does understands this secret of prosperity.  She stated that anyone who needs prosperity from God only need to observe the law of Tithe payment.

“But seriously…how do you expect God to prosper you if you do not pay your tithes? Is paying of tithes not in the Bible? I am even aspiring to be like Father Abraham who paid double and got double portion  of blessings. Don’t concern yourself with mundane things like, who you are paying your tithes to or how it is spent…just obey and leave the rest to God. If you are a Christian, all you need to do is check the word…it doesn’t matter how you put it…if you like, blame recession…the fact remains that paying your tithes is a non-negotiable deal.

It’s a known fact that the law of Tithe payment came with Moses. Abraham paid tithes 430 years before the Law and today it’s still the same thing. Despite the fact that everything is on the increase and has changed but the mandatory 10% payment of Tithe is still as constant as the need for air to sustain our growth.  Paying of tithe is the laws of the Israelites practiced by many Christians till date. The curse of not paying it is in Galatians 3:10 but so many people are always looking for excuses not to pay their tithes!  Don’t allow any economic forces to rob you of the prosperity that awaits your obedience to the law and principle of TITHING.

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