Unity Of Celestial Is Mission Impossible- Rev. Shonekan

April 19, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Code Of Conduct / 13 Comments »

It is IMPOSSIBLE for Baba Owodunni and Baba Banjo to ever get together on the issue of Celestial Church’s UNITY, not ever. You may not understand why, but let me shed some lights by pulling some excerpts from my upcoming tell all book, titled: The Crisis in Celestial Church of Christ – It’s Genesis to Revelation.

This two men of principles were interrupted in their journey as called divinely by Satan, only to stop Celestial Church of Christ Mission on Earth, a reminiscence of what he (Satan) did with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that leads to His Death and Resurrection. Leaving us with ONLY one chance that, Celestial Church of Christ MAY Resurrect to a new start and progressive beginning with God using His own people. That is, people of Greater Faith.

Well, you will wonder why two childhood friends, from the same compound, best friends, best-man at each other’s wedding, grow up together but aged up to this disparity. Are you thinking? Simple, their separate LOVE/love for this Great Church, that is it.

Baba Owodunni has love for Celestial Church of Christ and wanted to take the Church to a greater heights and Baba Banjo who LOVED the Church greatly and wanted the Church to stay the course so the church can serve the purpose it was sent through Papa S. B. J. Osofa, voided the plan and Baba Owodunni, the Chief External Auditor for National Bank of Nigeria where Baba Banjo was the Managing Director/CEO had audit problems at the bank and almost pay the Ultimate Price but only saved by prayers and many Celestians he had helped with gainful employment at the bank. A vendetta or what?

You want these two men to sit at the same table to resolve the crisis in Celestial Church of Christ. What Crisis? Which Crisis? Again, what was the Genesis of the Crisis?

Okay, hypocritically, let’s say Baba Owodunni wanted to become the Pastor of Celestial Church of Christ at all cost no matter what, even when Papa S. B. J. Osofa was alive, since the erstwhile Incumbent (Papa) was to proclaim his successor and again, hypothetically, Baba Banjo believed that Baba Owodunni’s ambition is not prudent, unacceptable and not spiritual. The more reason why he (Baba Banjo) for political correctness or what you may call it, supported the Appointment of Alagba Emmanuel Oshoffa at all cost, ridicule, humiliation and disrespect, plus no matter what, even after Alagba Emmanuel Oshoffa had him as my co-respondent in the appeal filed against me at the Appellate Court and Baba Banjo had not filed any response which will result in a default judgment against him (Baba Banjo) that the appointment of Alagba Emmanuel by Baba Banjo is not valid.

Now, between the two Babas, what is your scenario for their unifying discussion? That Baba Banjo will allow Baba Owodunni to be the Pastor of CCC and shelves his beliefs or does anyone think Baba Owodunni is ready to shelve his ambition? Naaah!

Baba Owodunni is praying Baba Banjo as Lion prays its kill. I don’t know if you heard of it. Baba Owodunni signed an agreement asking for anyone who can help him gets Baba Banjo to sign his part, a very incriminating statement, should Baba Banjo fall for it and sign. He (Baba Banjo) will be purging himself of earlier statements made in the case that went all the way to Supreme Court.

Where is your prayer for the UNITY of this Church? Any new way forward?

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13 responses to “Unity Of Celestial Is Mission Impossible- Rev. Shonekan”

  1. Oluwaseyi. says:

    When the foundation of the house is rotten what will the righteous do. Sir you are one of the rotten brick set as part of the foundation.
    Who made you a reverend.
    Who told you the story you are pedling. About Baba Owodunni and Baba Banjo. I’m a Celestian close to the two baba to tell you your book will be full of lies.
    Please stop.

  2. Evangelist Victor. says:

    Preying,and not “praying ” its victim!!!
    Any wonder why CCC Hymn Book is full of teeth-crunching and jaw-cracking Anglo-grammatical errors upon errors that are not in consonance with the Yoruba version when the songs are being sung!!!

    Why not employ my services free-of-charge to correct the engrained grammatical melancholy of the CCC Hymn Book in its Glorious entity???
    Would be glad to.

    #The Evangelist Victor.

  3. Oluseyi says:

    Can’t you just shut d hell up? must u talk?

  4. Awoleke Clement says:

    I’m highly disappointed about the reason behind this hullabaloo. One thing I want to remind our Babas is that they should understand that Celestial Church is God sent and that bringing personal issue to destroy the church has a very serious implications for making heaven. Let there be unity in the church.

  5. EVANG Clemo says:

    I’m highly disappointed about the reason behind this hullabaloo. One thing I want to remind our Babas is that they should understand that Celestial Church is God sent and that bringing personal issue to destroy the church has a very serious implications for making heaven. Let there be unity in the church.

  6. Olufunmi says:

    Thk u Ven Festus Seyi , when it is time for God to unify Celestial none of them will be there to tell the story.

  7. Shina says:

    He who does want the unity of CCC is not of God.. Just like Papa said “who ever create disunity in CCC will ever have no peace and his or her household will ever be separated”

  8. Alagba Alonge says:

    Baba Owodunni is always ready to listen to everybody
    The truth is that won ni won ni lonpawa lo
    Some did not even come to Ijeshatedo and they will come here and be telling all sorts of wicked lies

  9. Ven Seyi Festus says:

    ALAGBA Shonekan you are right with your submission.
    but the question I want to ask you and others is…

  10. ADEBUSOLA says:

    I believe God that gave us CCC will unify His Church at the appointed time

  11. James says:

    There is no mix up here but the truth. It was the outcome of Owoduni audit that sent Baba Banjo to prison on National Bank of Nigeria fraud

  12. Alagba Alonge says:

    Baba Shonekan is mixing it together

    • Tawakalitu OluwatoPraise OBATULA says:

      Hnnnnmmn Alagba Alonge, either He is mixing it or setting it straight.

      The 2 men and Papa OSHIN must sit together, LOCKED up the door and Ironed things out. I got this message for these 3 BABAS BUT NONE OF THEM WAS WILLING TO EVEN LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO TELL THEM…..


      O KU ISEJU KAN PERE…..Alafia

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