Until You’re Pushed To Your Place Of Comfort, Nothing Good Will Happen (A Must Read)

May 29, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 2 Comments »

Yesterday I watched a music video where a young man sat outside their veranda with his guitar and he started playing it….

Then his mum passed him with an empty bucket, went to fetch water and immediately went straight to where he was busy with his guitar and poured the whole water on him.

The young man angrily went inside, packed his bag WITH his guitar and left the house despite the plea of one other woman who saw what happened.

I don’t know how many years or months later, he came back rich.

He became a star and the woman that poured him that water was the first to go welcome him.

I can’t remember the name of the artist but I learnt a lot from that video.

So if that woman didn’t pour him that water, he won’t leave the house and will probably not become a star!

That woman helped his destiny! He needed that PUSH to get him out from his place of misery.

That was a good hatred.

Some of us are still comfortable where we are because no one has PUSHED us to our place of becoming what we are to be in life!


If you have been squatting with someone for more than you actually planned… It’s because no one has PUSHED you to go look for your own place.

You think they are doing you good?? No! Don’t feel too comfortable if you know that place you are isn’t where you should be.

You are still in that useless relationship because you are scared what the world holds for you but you will be surprised that there is better life outside that relationship.

Even if there is no one/nothing to push you, then PUSH yourself… Bottom line, make a move!

-Adaobi Chinazom Eze

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2 responses to “Until You’re Pushed To Your Place Of Comfort, Nothing Good Will Happen (A Must Read)”

  1. Jaiyeola T.G. says:

    I like the pictorial illustration. 2 hills, separated, with a challenge for a person to jump-cross from one to the other (with a possible chance of falling into the gully in between). I see a brilliant light above.

    So it was for Jesus on the cross of calvary, between earth and heaven, but he bore the pains for the glory above!

    Now, his cross has become a ladder for all men who believe to cross easily with no fear of falling into a ditch.


  2. Jaiyeola T.G. says:

    PUSH=Pray Until Something Happens
    PUSH=Praise Until Something Happens
    PUSH=Patience Until Something Happens
    PUSH=Practice Until Something Happens

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