Unveiling Of The 70th Anniversary Logo, Makoko, Lagos (Photos)

April 1, 2017 / Alonge Michael / C-Vibes / 6 Comments »

International Headquarters, Ketu led by Pastor Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa unveiled logo for the platinum Jubilee celebration, 70th anniversary, slated for September this year. The event held yesterday at the National Headquarters, Makoko was well graced by notable Celestial Church members from all walks of life.

Sources informed that none of the so-called faction leaders was present. I want to believe that the other factions were engaged in something spiritual reasons for their conspicuous absence.

Meanwhile, the truth that we must all embrace is that, there is nothing to celebrate if we are still  crawling for a united house. It should be a big shame to us at 70 that we are still not getting it right. Anybody can say anything, this church is for us all, and the idea of some sets turning it to family business should be totally abolished.

Lowa wa lo ku si, Ijo Mimo

Photos: CelestialOvation

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6 responses to “Unveiling Of The 70th Anniversary Logo, Makoko, Lagos (Photos)”

  1. Olufunmi Akinfenwa says:

    What I know and am very sure of is that all will soon be over, something powerful is about to happen in the church, it will shake the world in diaspora .

  2. Tolulope says:

    They have no love for the Church

  3. Tolulope says:

    What a disgrace and taboos. God let you r kingdom come now and judgment upon the hypocrites.

  4. Snr leader olorunwa says:

    Celestial @ 70.. No organisation in the programs. See big headed Pius…. I hope he knows celestial church is bigger and older than him….

  5. Snr leader olorunwa says:


  6. Olumide Adeddigba.. uk says:

    Infact its a total embarrassement to all celestains and notable factional leaders neither their representatives present at Makoko logo unveiling. It is my belief that those people there should state their achievement so far in the helm of affairs judging from their leadership commencement till date and compare the no of houses and properties aquired by them till date. Before we start mentioning how the incubemt secretary Mr.Augustine Olumilade whom Jolapamo brought to ketu then but now having 3 different houses at Imeko. 70th anniversary of Wealth celebrations. We cant even,see the families of Oshoffa respected wives in the occassions and their children, this signifies that all is not well in this event. Edith Oshoffa is absent except Halleluyah TV owed by Jacob Oshoffa , assisted by Deborah his jnr sister. Where are the oshoffa familes and Alagba Ebenezer Oshoffa? Innocent Celestians shouldn’t be dragged into this rancour. Celebrating 70th will incure the wrath of SBJ Oshoffa seeing all leaders astray with flocks. No Nursery school neither Kindergarten, how much more developmental structures in imeko but turned the place to cementry of dead members as against Oshoffa proclamation. No youth camp for the upcoming ones unlike other denominations. Elders and jargaban, do you people have legacy to leave behind for celestian youths when all your familea don’t even worship in the fold? A leader who has no vision for his family cant have a mission for followers. Think of this last advise. Thanks and happy fool at 70th.at 40 was a fool forever but at 70 is indefinite and generation of foolishness.

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