US Diocese: Alagba Olaitan Balogun…A Leader Or A Slighter?

November 23, 2022 / Alonge Michael / ARTICLE / 4 Comments »

Give it to him, Alagba Olaitan Balogun is a nice dude. A simple man with a dual personality. A man I met last year and I fell for his friendly disposition. I still remember how he was choosing his words while having a chat with #cno during the JDN’s 80th birthday at Oke Ado in Ibadan, Oyo State.

He had never displayed any leadership quality that would have warranted him being judged by his look; but shortly after he got the honour to be HoD, the number one seat of power in the US Diocese in the absence of a true leader, then he showed his real self to those who loved and supported him.

Then the word of Abraham Lincoln came to mind, which says; “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

And truly, a few weeks after he got robed as HoD, the one-time gentle-nature man changed, he nearly become a dictator. His aides started feeding us with stories of how he did this or that. We didn’t believe some of the petitions written against him, and neither did we, at #cno use them against him.

But as a leader, he’s expected to experience opposition’s attacks and challenges, he’s then expected to face them and combine their failures to build his own strength; Just as they say, in the face of leadership flaws, too many people assume cynical perspectives, rather than have more enemies, do the hard work of building relationships in which they can have a more positive influence.

The are numerous reports by his followers that, he doesn’t have the wherewithal to lead a Diocese like the US. After they all have built their hope and courage around him, he, for being power-drunk as alleged, messed up with their initiatives and independence and that has reduced the power he earned over the few months he has been leading them. There is disarray in his camp since then till now.

One of them is what is being revealed in this video below;

For Baba Iremiren, it is a case of “what you sow, what you reap.’

For Alagba Olaitan Balogun, as a leader, your principal job is to create an operating environment where others can do great things. In your own case, you have failed to do none of the above but only channel all your energy into the affair of Baba Olorunnisola and how you wish to beat him to a game he knows how we’ll to play. Baba Joseph Olorunnisola is a man everyone in the Diocese talks well about, having being blessed with unalloyed administrative prowess.

Someone even says, anyone who continues to study Baba Olorunnisola’s style of governance may not graduate because he is unpredictable, versatile and a fully renaissance man whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, he is, indeed, a true leader.

If Baba Balogun, as seen, heard, and perceived in this video could call out Baba Iremiren in this light, then he needs not to see himself as a leader but as a slighter because the greatness of a leader is measured by the achievements of the led. That should be the ultimate test of his effectiveness as an ‘HoD’. I rest my case for now!


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4 responses to “US Diocese: Alagba Olaitan Balogun…A Leader Or A Slighter?”

  1. Prophet Dare(Ph.D) says:

    Sanni Abacha, overnight,so unfortunate

  2. Celestial Etymologist says:

    As a bystander and eye witness, I watched my once beloved HOD; one whom I “had” great and immense respect for from afar. A man who appeared meek, humble and kind when he first visited our church. I looked with horror as a man I expected to come and bless God’s children curse them because of a parish culture of thanksgiving gifting.

    I looked up to my HOD from afar…. At this service I bowed my head in shame on his behalf. This is what listening to and acting on gossip by a leader leads to. At some point I was worried something was wrong with him; almost like he was drunk or under a spell, the outbursts, the cursing; singing polygamy songs like in a local polygamy setting (mi o ba to rogun waye) really? The rudeness to church elders, the blatant insults to the defunct LIC whom he (HOD) has every right to remove but went about it the wrong way. All these just made me loose respect for someone I once respected a lot.

    The house of God is a house of Worship. “The lord is in his temple let the earth be silent.” mindless and uncouth talking is completely uncalled for., no matter what has transpired and is transpiring, a good leader shows restraint.

    The underground politics is unimportant her, but the whole world and anyone who knows ANYTHING about leadership knows EVERYTHING is wrong about this video. I was present in person and I was FLABBERGASTED. You cannot as a leader address every issue in the open, as a leader you should not act on hearsay. The highest office of CCC in the USA is tainted because a man of 60 years old could not restrain himself. He allowed the hatred of ONE man put him in a ridiculous situation. He lost complete control of himself and made a mockery of himself and his seat.

    Power drunkenness shows there’s a perpetual problem beneath the surface… TRUE power is quiet. When a leader of a Diocese as big as the USA has to scream at the top of his voice to send a message, something is wrong. The amount of inappropriate words used on Sunday all under the guise of “I don’t tolerate nonsense” is mind boggling!

    A leader should show decorum and behave in a manner that is worthy of emulation. Again, this leader let us down. What in the mediocrity is that whole 40mins of ranting???

    When a leader surrounds himself with ass-kissers, power hungry people, liars, egotistical, toxic and manipulative people; that’s the result!

    I don’t think our once beloved HOD changed overnight; I think he has been this way all along; which is beyond sad. I wish him well in his quest to be the shepherd of Metro at all cost. I’m certain that all his predecessors know the end already. More importantly, the Praise chants now will quickly become heavy beatings for him by the same war mongers and ass-kissers who are about to push him to his death. As for me, Salvation remains the goal!


  3. Alagba Ijo says:

    Olaitan Balogun is not a leader, no leadership skill whatsoever and it is unfortunate that EMF aid unvolved with this mess ADENIYI created.
    Awon olote !

  4. JOHN BADA. says:

    This is the first time am hearing or seeing the man, he is hyper and talks too much, a leader does not talk the way I just heard him talk in the video, his comments is too hot and it lacks wisdom. Two very important thing a leader must have after good health knowing and having God is the truth followed by the holy spirit of God which will give wisdom, which is a gift of God. In this church as a leader you don’t condemn or abuse those you lead more so when they are before you, you can only talk around their issues with love. He said many things there which he shouldn’t have said at all because it does not promote the peace and unity of that place and diocese which is important for the continued growth of that place as a church of God, so the problem as I see it is his nature and the hand that chose him to the office he holds there, someone like him should not have been the head of diocese of that place because there is no peace about him with the way he talks to people there, it is easy and obvious to see, that position is too important for him and too sensitive for him. A person that will lead that place successfully does not need the use of power but rather the great wisdom of God, luckily is a blessed diocese and all they need there is mere good godly coordination that promote love and unity and engendered peace, no doubt they have their issues there as human beings but is nothing insurmountable and with God all things are possible. I don’t want to say more than this for now, may God continue to be with the diocese and it’s members and help this our church more in Jesus name.

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