US Diocese: Perpetual Fear Grips Members

September 14, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Saints & Sinners / 1 Comment »

“This picture should be deleted immediately so that people will not think that pastor is given annoitment please. We warn you all. Pastor put his hand on every shepherds at Jefferson on Tuesday without a picture taking.”

This event took place in Philladelpia at Oladosu Parish when Rev EMF Oshoffa visited. Many were warned not to take pictures due to the ongoing anointiment process in America.

The talks in town is, can’t Rev EMF use this time to bring unity to the people instead of causing more troubles. It was debated that the presence of EMF at Cote d’ivoire some months back created confusion in the country that led to some top players of Rev EMF to pitch their tents with the original registered BoT.

The people of America are revolting against such act and wish the man, EMF was a peace-loving leader who should be concerned about bringing lasting solution to resolving the enmity between two major camps in US Diocese.

As it is, peace is yet to return to the Diocese as everything is being done in a low tone so as not to alert the other camp. And this is supposed to be a religious setting! May God heal our church and touch the hearts of our leaders who think of nothing but themselves.


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One response to “US Diocese: Perpetual Fear Grips Members”

  1. Concerned Alagba says:

    The only thing the EMF camp cares about is money. The amount of money they are making from Anointment alone is staggering. Since his arrival in the U.S. 2 weeks ago, everywhere he has visited the only thing has done is Anointment Exercise. You cannot blame EMF for this. The people who are “buying” this Anointment should be blamed also. Many of these people are more than ready and willing to pay these exorbitant prices and costs for all these useless and fake Anointments that EMF is dishing out. That is why the efficacy of Anointment is diminishing rapidly all over the world. And that is why Celestial Church continues to experience disintegration and chaos everywhere EMF has visited. There are many Parishes all over the U.S. nowadays that are non-alligned, and to tell you the truth, those Parishes are peaceful and they are enjoying tremendous and impressive growth as opposed to those Parishes who are under Ketu and EMF, but unfortunately, they are lamenting in excruciating pain and agony, and sadness. This is the resultant effect of EMF useless leadership whose regime is devoid of poignant Godly and divine direction.

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