US Diocese: Special Communique Released By Baba Olorunisola

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The US Diocese under the leadership of Baba Olorunnisola issued an official statement after his camp met over the presence of Rev EMF Oshoffa in America which they thought would have resolved the imbroglio in America but to no avail.

It has become so obvious that Rev EMF is not a spirit-filled person, if he was, as a revered person, it is his duty to make peace but a man can’t give what he does t have.

The truth that #cno has been saying for ages is that this man has no interest to advance this church, CCC in any physical or spiritual sense. As a matter of fact, he is only interested in what goes to his pocket and mouth. It is all about money and nothing else matters to him.

In all the fake revivals the Olaitan Balogun caucus set up for him, what has happened? Nothing! I just pity those who blindly follow a clueless leader like him because of their interest and hidden agenda. They are the genuine enemies of the church and what the Bible says regarding that is that the enemies of this church, the Celestial Church of Christ, will lick the dust. Amen!

Here is the communique as received, reproduced by #cno for your delight.

“The Executive Council of USA Diocese and members have watched quietly and in patience the reception and press release of the Pastor on his arrival in the USA.

Members were enthusiastically
expecting fatherly intervention to bring peace and restore love, harmony, and the spirit of oneness.
Regrettably, however, we have watched with profound concern the release of a deliberate, well-orchestrated, and determined agenda of partisan hatred, bias, degradation, and total
evisceration of the entire Celestial Church members in the Country. Seeds of disaffection, animosity, malice, and hostility have been effectively sown among brethren within 12 hours of
arrival into the country. It is very disheartening.

Following this embarrassing development, all the Regions held their Regional Executive Council meetings, followed by the meeting of the Council of Regional and State Supervisors.

An emergency meeting of the Diocesan Executive Council was consequently summoned for September 5, 2022, to examine this unresolved 18 months of anxiety, stagnation, politics, hypocrisy, and chaos plaguing this body of Christ within this Country. Thirty-three
members were present out of the 35 members Council – two were unavoidably absent.

The following were the unanimous observations and resolutions of the Council:
 USA is a Country of Law and Juror System.
 USA Diocese was duly registered in accordance with the law of the USA.
 USA Diocese is under the administration of the Executive Council of the Diocese.
 USA Diocese shall continue to remain strong, determined, and committed strongly to leading people to the Salvation of God that is in Christ Jesus.

 There are fifteen independent, non-aligned parishes within the USA operating progressively in peace, harmony, and love without disturbance from anywhere and free to obtain anointment from any Pastor.
 It will continue to promote love, harmony, the spirit of oneness, and the culture of discipline and decency within the diocese.

Resolutions are taken unanimously by Council:
 Total and uncompromising commitment to Worship and Service to God Almighty Jehovah, our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit of the Living God.
 Irrevocable allegiance to the living Spirit of the blessed Pastor, Prophet, and founder Saint (Papa) SBJ Oshoffa.
 Allegiance to the only Registered Board of Trustees.
 Review and resume vigorously the execution of the short- and medium-term
development programs of the diocese.
 Resume the Training Retreats and Evangelical/Revival Crusades programs.
 Standing for what is right, righteous, and true even if it means standing alone. There is never a successful war against the Truth. 2 Cor. 13:8.
 Through sound and the undiluted gospel of Salvation and strong leadership, character removes politics and hypocrisy from the 40 parishes under the Diocese. And unto Timothy Paul said, “If I am delayed you should let people know how they ought to behave in God’s household which is the Church of the Living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth”. 1 Tim. 3:15.
 Avoid getting involved in the ongoing Social Media drama and propaganda which have continued to impair the corporate image of the Church and debase the reputation of Ministers of God. The Diocese will pursue vigorously the spirit of divine love, forgiveness, and the spirit of oneness while engineering culture of discipline and decency.

The Diocesan Directorate of Administration, Ethics, and Codes also re-evaluated the continued
relativity of the seven points raised in the USA Diocese March 4, 2021, letter. It is evidently conclusive from the prevalent situation in the Church that these seven points, without any variation, will usher in an era of sound corporate governance, peace, discipline, stability, and sustainable growth and development in the church. It is necessary for the emancipation of the

It was, consequently resolved, that the seven points as reiterated below, once again, will be pursued for a better Celestial Church of Christ that is upward bound in spiritual growth and grounded in corporate governance administratively

An effective/appropriate Structure with a sound hierarchical set-up, an effective span of control, a clear definition of roles, clear communication lines, and a dynamic information system designed by professionals’ minds. It is time for this church to move forward.
2. Resourceful and responsive Central Administration managed by
experienced and professional personnel – completely depersonalized and embracing the principles of Accountability.
3. Review of the Church Constitution of March 28, 1980, to reflect today’s reality of the Church’s worldwide spread and multi-national and different legal systems.
4. Well Structured Emolument, Compensation, promotion, and
Shepherds transfer’s Mechanism based on equity, fairness, and motivation. Stimulating Welfare Plan for long Serving Clergies.
5. Resolution of the current internal crisis and dichotomy within the Board of Trustees.
6. A Pastor-in-Council that is anchored on well-spelt-out individual functions, responsibilities, and authorities.
7. An articulate and Standard Manual of Instructions to guide all Ministries, Departments, and Operations of the Church.

It was further resolved by the Council of Regional and States supervisors that the 40 parishes and others not mentioned under the Diocese shall be scheduled for a bi-monthly workshop on administration and evangelism in the undiluted sound gospel of salvation…..”


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9 responses to “US Diocese: Special Communique Released By Baba Olorunisola”

  1. MC Modupe Aiyegbusi (JP) says:

    I’m equally disheartened about the present state of affairs within our Women folks. For the past 45 years of my membership in the Celestial Church of Christ, I have never witnessed such a mess and disintegration as this. The most touching to my heart is the division among our Women folks, most of whom could not distinguish what is right and what is wrong. Unfortunately, the smart ones among them threw an open bag of disunity into the matter and the ignorant ones started entering unawared that their callers are doing so for their own selfish ends. We CCC women have always been United and our roles are clearly sp
    defined in the Church. What would be your gains apart from big position, so that you can add it to your empty Resumee that, I’m this or that in the Celestial Churchof Christ. Will this write your name in the Book of life or your name will be forgotten when your tenure is over. With all these self-aggrandizement, can the Celestial Wowen become one again or continue to go deeper into disintegration ? Let us think as well, because, we are carved out to bring peace and unity into the body of Christ, just as our Mothers in the past did.

  2. Sammy says:

    God is a Spirit and to worship God you must be in spirit and truthful amen. Celestial Church is a spiritual church hence be careful and pay attention to things around you. We will not labor in vain.

  3. True Celestian says:

    If the pastor was interested in bringing peace to America, then he should have called baba Olorunnisola quietly and discuss the issues with him amicably. But you go around making big proclamations on social media insulting and humiliating the man and then you ask to meet and talk? Like Putin, you blow up Ukraine and burn houses, schools, homes and hospitals down, then you go to the media and say you want to have peaceful discussions with Ukraine. That isn’t leadership kan kan. It is abuse of power and bad leadership. I don’t blame baba Olorunnisola at all. This was in pastor’s hands to fix but he chose to smash what was slightly cracked. Now it is out of his hands. May God help Celestial Church of Christ. Time to stop deceiving ourselves. BoT problem is still there. How did pastor fix it? So many Parishes in Nigeria are also having problems with the pastor. What about the problems with the Diocese in Benin Republic where the pastor is about to lose about 300 parishes and their HOD has separated from him? What about the pastor’s court cases in Nigeria? Do any of these issues have anything to do with baba Olorunnisola? Let’s stop deceiving ourselves. There is only one man connected to all these problems, and instead he continues to create more havoc everywhere. Ko buru o.

  4. Member of Exco says:

    Concerned Celestial against bad publication. You speak of things you do not know. Speak to the Pastor and speak to Adeniyi to get your facts. Baba Olorunnisola and Pastor have had several personal conversations over the last 18 months where it was believed that the hatchet had been buried, only for the Pastor to come out again to re-ignite the fire. Sometime last year when Pastor was in France, Pastor invited Baba Olorunnisola to come to France, tickets were purchased only for Pastor to call Baba Olorunnisola a day before his departure to France that Baba Olorunnisola is no longer welcomed. Apparently, the Pastor received a prophecy that he did not have the grace to receive visitors. But pictures began to circulate online where the Pastor received several visitors in France. Those are the facts Baba concerned

  5. Concerned celestial against bad publications says:

    Cno please I need to ask this…is it the baba olorunshola that issued a statement that he’s not under the leadership of pastor anymore that the pastor will call ? Pastor gave him somedays to revoke his statement and he didn’t do that before he was removed as the Hod, let’s leave politics of bitterness aside, the pastor was the one who appointed him right and the former hod said he’s not more loyal to him, if the former hod really meant well, he doesn’t cost him anything to visit the pastor in naija and explain why it’s like that and all, everyone in America knew pastor was coming did olorunishola and his cohorts went to welcome him or even place a call through ? Pastor is human too not a saint, if I appoint u to a post and u dediced to rebel against me and I still gave u time to make things right but u didn’t it’s not possible to kiss your ass later….there are better ways baba olorunishola could have channeled his grievances to pastor and he will surely get the best answer cos they are close but he chose to publish a letter and threaten the authority of your so called employer…who does that? For more than 18months u didn’t pay homage or obedience to the pastor which is the head of the church, you turned yourself to a lord for your followers and you were expecting the pastor to come and meet you when he got to America? If baba olorunishola find it so good and he doesn’t have a hidden agenda there is nothing stopping him for going to meet pastor wherever he is not expecting pastor to call or come to meet him when he got to America

  6. Concerned onlooker says:

    Pastor please seek peace. Stop listening to your fake advisers. Today you are hired tomorrow you are fired mode of governing is not good. See the chaos your administration has created in Oshoffa Parish in less than 5 days of your arrival to the USA. America is a different country o. God will help you Pastor but you also have to make an attempt to help yourself sir. If your name enters the courts of America as an agitator you will never be allowed into America again. God help you sir.

  7. Realistic people of time says:

    Very sad. I still cannot understand why these people of rebellious attitude continue to deceive themselves. After a very ridiculous lies by former hod that pastor divided USA diocese, he is still fooling himself and his blinded followers into pit of hell. American diocese was formed after baba olurunisola ridged his ways into been appointed as hod 15years ago by our pastor, then he was a man of God. But now our pastor is not . What do u call people of such characters? Evil, selfish, satanic etc. please cno stop publishing lies. One day you will be sued of defamation. Trust me we are gathering your publications.

  8. Very concerned Alagba. says:

    A blind man that is following a blind man, both of them will definitely fall in a pit of hell. One would have expected that the Pastor would summon all parties and listen to their grievances and concerns and thereafter bring peace into the midst of all the Children of God in America but, alas, it appears the Pastor is not interested in peace and harmony. Some of the things he has said and done since his arrival in America have further strengthened chaos and disintegration. Baba Olorunnisola has assiduously and effectively worked very hard as HOD and has single-handedly catapulted Celestial Church into the pinnacle of relevance and respect in America. He deserves some measure of respect and honor. It was because this Great man of God has worked so hard and has brought Celestial Church to this important level in America, that is what is enticing Some of these people to become HOD. Baba Olorunnisola has brought so many innovations and developments into the structure of the Diocese. He has worked so tirelessly with some other Elders in the Church to create beneficial Programs and ideas for the sustenance of the Church. His leadership ability and management acumen are profoundly outstanding. Baba Olorunnisola may not be perfect in everything he does, and nobody is perfect, he remains the best product ever sent to America for a great mission like this. It is very important for the Pastor to find a way to bring peace back in America. If he fails to do this, then Celestial Church in America will continue to lose membership. The Church will also continue to lose a lot of money as a result of court litigations. In addition to that, the image of the Church will continue to sink further into the mud, and the Church will continue to be a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

  9. Omo Ologo says:


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