US Diocese: Team Disclaims Rev EMF’s ‘Patron’ Lettter… Says HoD Is Still J.O Olorunnisola

June 16, 2022 / Alonge Michael / Give & Take / 7 Comments »

Baba Olorunnisola, HoD American Diocese and his hardworking team have refused to acknowledge the letter of patronship that has been in circulation for two days now.

According to one of the media aides to Baba Olorunnisola, he said it’s the usually calculated attempt of Rev EMF and his team to continue to cause chaos in the Diocese.

“Regarding the letters recently being paraded, assigning positions in the US diocese and congratulating said individuals, let it be unequivocally clear- Celestial Church of Christ, US Diocese remains staunchly under the leadership of its recognised Head of Diocese, VSE JO Olorunnisola.

The Diocese’s position remains unchanged and the seven points of attention previously and respectfully drawn to the pastor’s attention, and still unaddressed to date, remain the central concern of this Diocese and its Executive Committee with the Office of the Pastor.

Nevertheless, as concerns the constitution and governance of the CCC US Diocese, any letters or statements being paraded or purported contrary to the aforementioned facts, remains, as has been the instrument of implementation of a cabal over the last few months, a work of fiction aimed solely at destabilizing the effective standing of this Diocese, and distracting its committed members from the serious business of Christ and the work of salvation.

US Diocese is undeterred. The great work of our LORD continues unabated under the leadership of its Head of Diocese, VSE J.O Olorunnisola.”


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7 responses to “US Diocese: Team Disclaims Rev EMF’s ‘Patron’ Lettter… Says HoD Is Still J.O Olorunnisola”

  1. Calvary member says:

    What these sycophants don’t understand is that their letters and fake stamps don’t carry any weight. It only serves to stir up chaos. A true leader who is looking for peace does not act in this manner. Our God is not a God of chaos but from what I can tell, it appears God has given the EMF camp a reprobate mind so they will continue to falter. Last week it was Calvary which resulted in shame for Ketu. This week it is America which has also resulted in shame. Next week it will be something else.
    Baba Olorunnisola, don’t look back sir. We in Nigeria are praying for you sir. You will definitely overcome in Jesus name.

  2. Mr Jimartha says:

    Where are they when Baba Olaniyan and Olusho Amos ADEOYE was using their parish hard earned money to fly this Pastor in for their harvests for more than 3 times each
    What do they get in return now ? When last did Pastor check on baba Olaniyan or how much did Ketu contribute in his health bill ???
    Are the likes of Agbaza, MD Orisarayi,LA Zannu,MD Amosu, ATL Akindude, TX OmachonuAZ Oloyede MD Olagoroye DAl Olukitibi COL not right now with their insistence of never to surrender to EMF till death bcos they don’t believe him. And that God did not appoint him Are they not right?
    Considering the shame, reproach, insults, insurbodination and character assassination faced by Baba OLORUNNISHOLA from 2003 till 2010 when this pastor was totally rejected in US, is it okay for EMF to ulter this type of statement “Iremiren e make sure pe e bami ba OLORUNNISHOLA kanle” is this statement Godly in CCC
    Adeniyi who furnicated in Los Angeles and was subsequently removed as regional by baba OLORUNNISHOLA for his unGodly acts was later promoted to imeko as secretary with a salary of 30k per month. Homman Williams a strong follower of Agbaza, Friday Thomas TX a follower of Agbaossi are now begged to become Regional with Jacob who succeeds Agbaza as HOD under pastor Omoge till date now begin to control BALOGUNs administration.
    Very soon people of today would become people of yesterday and we will all live to see where our name is written in history. Are we not better off 15,10, 5, 2 years ago than now ???
    If souvenirs is your reason, we would not print your name on ours BALOGUN LISTEN.
    If it is returns we would not pay you a dime here. This is country of law and order BALOGUN LISTEN.
    If is for ego, you have no integrity to be our HOD and you can never e BALOGUN LISTEN.

  3. Cele is for God not for man says:

    There is nothing people won’t do to gain power God has not given them. They have been parading letters for months o and they have nothing to show for it. Noise noise and more noise. O tan. They can continue whatever they want to do now. Leave baba olorunnisola and the dioces he controls. Why can’t this people go and control their own faction. Joke people with joke letter from joke government.

  4. Teletele Cele says:

    Halleluyah. So CCC VOG has no address. How can a serious letter emanating from a whole worldwide church writes a letter without a complete addressee address? This is how well organised our admin office is. No iota of corporate ethics. No well educated experience. This is visible where trumpeters are struggling to control a church claiming they were born into the church. Does your birth into the church gives you the necessary experience to run it?

  5. Amos Adeoye says:

    This is the handwork of Baba SF Adeniyi, he still fully in charge of Imeko/pastor’s office
    I know my former boss very well. But his gimmick will not work in USA diocese. Kaka ki kinniun se atokun ekun kaluku a se ode ti e lototo ni o

  6. Evangelist abdon Richard says:

    It continues to amuse me seeing Rev EMF ricalcitrant behavior
    Anyway we congratulate baba Olorunishola HoD USA and his legally recognize team for standing tall at this moment against all the enemies of the gospel and Christ resident in EMF office
    Problem everywhere and the only thing EMF can do is to keep worsening the situation we are watching

  7. Alagba Ijo says:

    How can an illegitimate body MPIC constituted by a fake pastor according to Ilaro court ruling still think they have authority.
    Fake pastor
    Fake MPIC
    Fake letter
    Ko ju be loo…end of discussion!

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