US Diocese’s Solape Wajero: From Sis To Mother Celestial Rank…Lover’s Gift To Widow

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In the US Diocese, one woman who has become a subject of discussion is Nee Daramola whose dad was a CAC pastor before his demise. Solape Wajero. She is a beautiful widow, no doubt. She has all the things men want in a woman but it is not all about beauty, it takes good mannerisms, and character to win the heart of any man. This, #cno gathered, is what Solape lacks, but she is seriously working on it.

To many, they have concluded that she seems not to be too lucky with men as they say she is just being used and dumped. But this is not actually true. Madam Solape was once married to Wajero, but the marriage was cut short when the man died.

As said earlier that she has an aura that makes all men wanna have her beside them, shortly after the demise of her husband, a shepherd, Olumide promised her marriage, but it is a tale by moonlight as the relationship, after several years, was not consummated.

Why has Olumide failed to tie the knot with the woman who had done so much for his ministry? Perhaps, he was seeing what other men were seeing, just beauty, and nothing more.

But to appreciate her gesture as a dutiful partner, #cno learnt Oluso Olumide gave her the highest female rank in the church today, Mother Celestial from being an ordinary Sis. What a good way to pay off someone.

Though, Solape was said to have been seeing the road to Imeko through Google Maps, or when people post pictures of the place online. She is a Mother Celestial with swag, ordained from above.

The purpose of the rank, as we gathered, was to make her comfortable that she would soon become Iya Yard but it was but an audio promise, although they lived together as “husband and wife” to the two lovebirds, they are just jolly good fellas.

Like a poorly arranged pack of cards, the relationship hit the rocks and Solape moved out, moved on but with the rank, Mother Celestial. Well, CCC is accommodating, at least, someone with a CAC background, who was blessed with such highest position for women, would definitely feel important and can as well insult her spiritual fathers in the church, after all, the title has given her the audacity to do so.

Perhaps, someone can quickly remind the former mummy yard that, the MC title was just a gift for her stewardship in a sour relationship. Call it a ceremony without testimony, and you are not far from the truth.

Mother Celestial Solape Daramola-Wajero is today celebrated by us. Kindly help me greet her well-well as we unveil her to the church properly in our subsequent posts.


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7 responses to “US Diocese’s Solape Wajero: From Sis To Mother Celestial Rank…Lover’s Gift To Widow”

  1. Ex lover says:

    Omo ale ma ni lady yen…. I don’t think she is normal, she is probably suffering from PMS. She pretends alot to deceive people but when you get close to her you will quickly realize that she is not the type you should be associated with.
    She is not balanced mentally and probably retarded in some ways, her mind is twisted and she love to talk as in unnecessary argument. The writer is right she was not brought up in the CELESTIAL WAYS at all.

  2. Wo leader aAdeniyi says:

    Solape is an uncouth lady that has no respect for authority, she likes position and will sleep with anybody to get what she wants. I came across one of her videos advising women that are old enough to be her mother how to deal with their husband by fire by force to persuade them to follow CTC, this same harlot will open her dirty mouth and insult the USA HoD Baba Olorunnisola a man that is old enough to be her father.
    It’s a shame and unfortunate that this low life JEZEBEL is bringing shame and dishonor to the CTC under the watch of Olaitan Balogun and CCC worldwide…CTC can not call her to order.
    Truly won ti ko eran mero.

  3. Ademola Adelaja says:

    She has insatiable apetite for anything in trouser. And upon all the way she carries herself she is still an illegal immigtant

  4. Adebilejo Adewunmi MC says:

    I know her when she moved to Los Angeles, I am pretty sure she has a very bad mouth, this much I know about her

  5. Nike Ade says:

    Very rude girl with no decorum. Rude to the core no manners whatsoever.

  6. Divine Esther says:

    Is that possible ni…Sister to Mother Celestial rank? Jesu a ma gba wa ke🙏

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