USA Diocese: The Coded Hints Of Max Solomon

September 9, 2022 / Alonge Michael / On The Spot / 1 Comment »

CCC Oshoffa Parish is one of the vibrant parishes under the USA Diocese as led and legally registered by the instrument of law as required by the laws of the United States of America.

In recent times the diocese has been enmeshed or thrown maliciously into a power tussle or game by those who ought to know better from the shores of Imeko, the spiritual international headquarters of the church as orchestrated by Rev. EMF Oschoffa.

This has led to a series of bickering from and among the duly recognized diocesan heads and the stooges of EMF who are blindly led to usurp that which is grounded by well-laid down rules and laws. It is on the bases of these unhealthy and unholy shenanigans that Oshoffa Parish, Chicago Illinois is trying to break or free itself from the choking antics of EMF. This much can be deduced from the letter written by Alagba Max Solomon as the leader of the Parish to EMF and his team of selfish and manipulative handlers.

As a lawyer and one of the legal minds that has worked well on the registration of the US diocese under Baba Olorunishola, Max Solomon has made it point clear in the said letter, that, there is no room for any form of hanky-panky when it comes to playing by and applying the rules for a seamless and smooth operation of the entire US Diocese as guaranteed and protected by the laws of both the state of Illinois and that of the Federal entity. It is in this vain, that Max Solomon has not only warned EMF and his handlers to put an end to their incoming antics to derail the Dioceses stating that he has the buy-in of some other factional EMF-imposed diocese handlers. Should EMF and his crew not heed the warning and allow Oschoffa parish to govern itself in peace, then, the governing council of the church will have no other choice than to invoke all the powers and authority as contained in the instrument of registration of the US Dioceses has done under the leadership of Baba Olorunishola, the authentic HOD as ratified by the only legally recognized BoT of CCC worldwide led by Baba S.O. Banjo.

For Oschoffa Parish in the state of Illinois, Chicago, it is time to play by, and align with who and what the federal and state laws of the USA approve and give credence to. With no ambiguity of language, Oshoffa Parish, Illinois will not shy away from retracing its steps back to where it derives liberty, protection, and authority to grow and worship in peace.

Now, it is clear that the worldwide-power Rev EMF thinks he has is no longer active as many people he approached to ‘dash’ with his anointment ‘carrot’ all blatantly refused the offer, the reason is not far-fetched, the people are tired of chaos that Rev EMF has brought to the church. Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, UK, all have been affected one way or the other by Rev EMF Syndrome.

Is that supposed to be a leader or destroyer? Only true Celestial Church members will answer this and not some noise-makers who do not know their right from their left.


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One response to “USA Diocese: The Coded Hints Of Max Solomon”

  1. Alagba Ijo says:

    Ose #CNO … let them fools know their game of carrots 🥕 and stick is over and if care is not taking majority of them will rot in jail. This is USA not Nigeria where you can buy judges to continue to adjourn court case indefinitely.
    Max Solomon should now understand that these people can not be trusted for a second, He worked with Baba Olorunnisola for many years as a member of Exco and Baba Olorunnisola never stabbed him in the back.
    Max Solomon you are a sheep in the midst of lions they will eat you at any given opportunity.
    “See caution “

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