Varsity Undergrad Bathed With Hot Water For Sleeping With Friend’s Lover (Photo)

January 9, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Flames From The Web / 22 Comments »

hot-waterWhy some people have condemned this act as barbaric, some simply said this will serve her right for sleeping with her best friend’s lover.

This is one of the stories culled online to teach ourselves some moral lessons, if your friend’s property is all left for you to woo always think of the consequences of such an act. It always leads to something but tale might not be palatable to tell.

According to the story, her roommate poured her hot water because she was caught with her boyfriend making love.

Who is wrong here and who is right? Kindly leave a comment

22 responses to “Varsity Undergrad Bathed With Hot Water For Sleeping With Friend’s Lover (Photo)”

  1. Rev. Akachukwu Ubani says:

    Some women are doing boomerang evil indeed. This is daily cases in this society, you see your husband, your boy friend with another woman committing immortality, you refuse to fight the man who is unfaithful and wicked to you rather you rise against the strange woman I think, iYOU are mentally, spiritually and domestically mad!!. That action is a symptoms of a person or persons frozen to hell fire!!! That woman should be charged with attempting murder so that when she recovered she Will pray to meet a faithful man in life.

  2. Vikky says:

    They r both wrong. Two wrongs can’t make a right. First of all , is wrong for her to sleep with her mates lover, but that does not mean she should pour water on her. This is a criminal offence if ti goes to police and court. Vengeance is not urs but God.

  3. Tomiwa says:

    dis is too bad, I pray dis so called man jilt her at d end of d day

  4. Solomon says:

    Birds of thesame feather flock in thesame direction. That may be the stock in trade of the two ladies. She must go to jail for what she did. She might have been going out with her friends boyfriends too and the lady’s action may hust to tetaliate.

  5. hajia Aminat Abu says:

    Pls can u DAT 2 u fellow woman cos of a man DAT might still jilt u at d end of d day?

  6. Olawale says:

    This is nonsense, she caught her with her boyfriend and not her husband, what if she caught her blood sister with her husband, will she kill her,abi you av never heard of such story,stupid jealous woman,is she a saint?

  7. Edunjobi says:

    The so called boyfriend could b a married man ooO! I really don’t know wat is wrong with men n dere “hmm” must we fuck all pussy? If u wanna fuck new pussy must it be a friend to ur lady? I tire for men jare!!! N ladies too, must u open dat thing dat is pink on d inside for us at all times? Y must u fuck ur friends man? Chai!

  8. Sola Omolaja UK says:

    May thunder trike her room mate after na married woman they catch her hubby with

  9. Diego M says:

    She will be jailed bcus man is just her boyfriend so she does not have any right over his life

  10. Awonusi Oluwa says:

    As many as possible! Ladies beware!!!

  11. Oluwatumininu says:

    This is injustice. And who told her the guy in question will not dump her for another lady. So how many woman she go pour hot water?

  12. Anthonia says:

    My friend slept with my Man then, I did not blink my eyelids, they remain a fugitive in my life, why would a sane lady go to jail bkos of a Man? Why??? Dis is Barbaric and wickedness , she should be brought to book! And the culprit sef nah shameless whore. Idoti has given her a scare, #fuckshit#

  13. melody says:

    dIs is sheer act of jealousness and hatredness but d boy, no doubt, will loss interest in her

  14. Amende Ogbebor says:

    She is heartless and wicked pouring hot water on human being over common boyfriend. what assurance does she have that the boy love her or will even marry her? That’s attempted murder she should be pay back with acid too to feel what the lady felt and still feeling

  15. Katie says:

    very bad ,why nah ?thunder will fire that girl and the stupid man

  16. Lady Yoyo says:

    On top of boyfriend matter wey no b say na ur Husband.

  17. ewa says:

    The person who has done this has to be dealt with. is the case reported in Police station?

  18. Adebola Edun says:

    Foolish lady if the boyfriend is with her mum will she pour her hot water, too temperamental for my liking

  19. Adebule says:

    She’s very stupid for what she did to this beautiful lady, what if the man ended up marrying her. He will be seeing her as evil. No man will even want to marry a lady like this.

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