The Vision Of Rector Steven Brown About Papa Oshoffa

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steve-brown-2No doubt, the spirit of Papa Oshoffa is still very much within and fulfilling his obligations. Halleluiah! This is a vision shown to one of the bonafide member of this Church who has been actively involved since 1980. His name is Rector Seven Brown.

Read it here, “Last night, I had a dream. I often dream and whilst I remember a few, the bulk is forgotten because details are patchy.

I remembered this dream because I woke up this morning very excited about it.

In my dream, I was going somewhere (I don’t know where I was going) and all of a sudden, I saw lots of people in what looks like a field. In every quarter as I looked, there were people playing football, basketball, having conversation and all engrossed with fun and games.

Lo and behold, I spotted a familiar resemblance. It was Papa SBJO adorned in his full regalia and crown to match right in the very centre of the place.

From a distance, I exclaimed; ah ah, this is Papa. I walked towards him. I could see people in white around him but as he was my main focus, my attention was on him only but aware that he is not alone.

As I came closer to him he turned to me and I prostrated and I greeted him in an excited way, rejoicing and happy to see him.

He looked at me on the ground as I peeked up at him. His face glowing with joy and so much happiness, he called me like he has always known me.

Papa SBJO said: Brown; or is this not Brown I’m looking at?

I said to him: it’s me sir!!

Papa SBJO said: Oya dide (make haste and stand up). Very happy to see me, his face beamed with smiles.

Papa SBJO reached down to give me a hang also putting his left hand under my arm for support.

I looked and I observed that Papa SBJO had awkwardly in his hands an AK47 and looked like he would gladly rather have a candle in his hands. However, my spirit said they were there for a revival and took the weapon from someone who they had just ministered to.

Following the pleasantries and speaking with me like he knew me personally, Papa SBJO pointing yonder said, look over there, go.

As I walked away to go on my errand I saw suddenly that I was adorned in my white sutana.

I woke up with such excitement that I could never forget this dream.

Over to my able prophets. If you have further revelations to this which are personal, message me separately.

(Praise be to God. Even as we speak Papa SBJO is still fulfilling in his commission).”

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  1. mother celestial sarah adeniji says:

    I personally thank God of Celestial for this great revelation/vision to Evangelist Brown. It shows clearly that we who worship in mind and spirit are not doing so in vain. May God uphold Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. May His spirit continue to radiate upon us IJN..

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