VSE Noah Ikumehinlo Is A Man Of Integrity, Versed In CCC Tenets- Secretary

August 22, 2022 / Alonge Michael / ARTICLE / 10 Comments »
Going by the petition sent to the office of Rev EMF Oshoffa that #cno got wind of to report about two days ago, the Assistant Secretary 2 of CCC Army Barracks Road, Mokola has reacted over all allegations in the petition against Baba Noah Ikumehinlo as falsehood.

Here is what he submitted on #cno as a comment;

“I am a bonafide member of CCC Army Barracks’ Road, Mokola, I am also a member of the Parochial Committee of the church, I have read the write-up and all the allegations therein which are totally false and baseless. I hereby on behalf of the noble church respond to the baseless allegations this;

Indeed, CCC Army Barracks’ Road, Mokola is no longer how it used to be as the church has gained more genuine worshipers and the church has witnessed more growth in terms of structure and beautification.

I make bold to say that there are no nefarious activities as alleged.
It is also not true that 70% of the church members have fled the church as the church daily welcomes new entrants into the church. People who are not financially buoyant have never been treated as less human.
Ven Sup Evang. Noah Ikumehinlo is a man of integrity and is well knowledgeable in the tenets of the church.

The church services are always duly conducted and it is also a fallacy that the shepherd curses his members.
The church at the moment is in a massive state of extension and renovation, and the church is being beautified as I type.

He has never mocked Baba Adekanmbi as he always pays obeisance to the departed Baba Adekanmbi and he always acknowledged that he is in Oyo State on transfer and whenever he is transferred he would gladly take his leave. He has always stated that he s 100% loyal to the pastor.

Who has leveled allegations of cursing the choir, this is also baseless as the choir does their practice as at when due, and as I type, the choir is having their rehearsal in preparation for Baba Adetiran’s service of songs tomorrow afternoon. (Today)

Is it a crime for the adult harvest committee to invite guest artists for harvest day? It is also not true that the choir would vacate their barricade as the choir would perform as usual as well as the guest musician, mind you Moses Harmony is also a Celestial member and not an outsider. It is a general tradition that guest artists are invited on harvest day.

If there is any grievance against Baba Noah, it would have been better if the writer visits him and thrash things out with him instead of putting the church in a bad light in the face of the public.

On sexual abuse, he who asserts must prove, it would be so so good if victims of such sexual abuse make a report to the necessary quarters for proper investigation and sanctions. It is criminal to make such grave unsubstantiated allegation…The writer should pray for forgiveness of sin as Baba Olatiregun, the Parochial Committee Chairman is a man of integrity who is a peace-loving gentleman. It is so sad that the writer does not consider the family of this great man of God and some families that these baseless allegations would put in disarray.

CCC Army Barracks’ Road, Mokola is loyal to the Pastor and would not do anything to disparage the Church.
It is also evident that the writer is not a loyal member of the Celestial Church of Christ, as writing such things online would only go a long way to paint the church in a bad light in the eyes of the public.

May God forgive the writer.

May God continually bless His church.”


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10 responses to “VSE Noah Ikumehinlo Is A Man Of Integrity, Versed In CCC Tenets- Secretary”

  1. Omo CCC says:

    The man don’t have respect for Baba Nunayon ( oko taba so mo ope ni ope nso Moni.

  2. Gbenga Jide Oduyemi says:

    This is serious, what and whom are we to believe now. We should just all remember that our songs, oju Oluwa mi wo ise re, iba se rere tabi ibi, ere ise re ni iwo yio gba. Let us always ponder on this before we say or do anything.

  3. Dee says:

    Basically, it’s not long I joined CCC mokola parish.And truth be told ,the church has been from one improvement to another .The shepherd is literally the reason am still a member of the church,The sermon he preached,my first in this church made me conclude “as long as am in Ibadan…….
    Y’all should take a chill pill
    Who God has blessed,no man can cause
    And the last time I checked,Our lord Jesus Christ was mocked and rubbished despite his love for us all.
    Let’s support him ,make CCC mokola parish a cathedral indeed.

  4. Omojowolo says:

    Whosoever came up with all this nonsense against my father ,my father in the Lord,will definitely know no peace in his/her entire life..VSE Noah Ikumehinmelo(sir) is a man filled with Holy Spirit and full of God’s wisdom .I will never ever forget the day I became his Daughter and he gladly accepted me as one of his children.God bless you Grandpa.I pray your anointing never run dry in Jesus mighty name.For your God is a consuming fire!!!

  5. Concerned ccc members says:

    Is there any parish or state that the so called Noah iku aka omo oduwa tokan tokan has served and was referred to a man of integrity so why would the writer come up with this heavy lies.Let the authority that put him there carry out a secret investigation in Ibadan to know the truth only if all Noah is doing is from the authorities then he should remain

  6. Agbalifa says:

    Weĺl, what you wrote was wrong bcos i wrote nothing concerning this on choir. My account was hacked on other facebook. Why must you put JK. My own name is JK Agbalifa. Dont involve me on this issues. Church authority will handle this. I dont know where you got your own JK and rehearsal dates. Thanks.

  7. JK says:

    The allegations was not correct on choir issues. I popursely said there wont be any rehearsal based on security problems. We had night rehearsal last week which was on the 16th August, 2022. And another night rehearsal will comes up on the 23rd and 30th which will be the last rehearsal before the harvest. So, i replied you because your allegations on choir was based on lied. Stop this

  8. Prophet Dare says:

    O ga ooo.wr don’t even know who to believe.

  9. Concerned member says:

    Haaaaaaaaaa You people should have the fear of God oooo. I am a member of that parish (CCC Mokola)for over 12 years.This person that wrote this as the secretary of the church has said nothing but lies from the pit of hell.The shepherd is guilty of everything leveled against him,the man isn’t a man of integrity as claimed,someone that says foul languages at every point in time and curses inside the church,he banned all vigils(Onibode,Woli)says choir should not do night rehearsal because they disturb his sleep.how About him saying Arabic words,how about times he told a church worker to kneel down to serve punishment the petition is not complete but I guess the writer just mentioned the important few,he should just be transferred,the parish needs its sanity.The WRATH OF GOD OF CELESTIAL WILL COME UPON ANYONE THAT TRIES TO COVER UP FOR THIS MAN,because the petition is nothing but the truth

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