“I Want To Report Him To His Wife For Dumping Me”- A Sister Needs Your Advice

April 20, 2017 / Alonge Michael / Virtuous Women / 5 Comments »

This message was sent to a friend, Esther Ijewere, founder and executive director of Rubbies Ink Initiative, the sender of the message needs her advice in tackling a particular issue concerning a married man she who dumped her when she least expected.

“I have been dating a married man for over a year now, we met on Facebook, please before you judge read to the end. When I started dating this man I didn’t know he was married , I found out six months after we started seeing each other but I was into him and couldn’t stop, I was in love let’s just call it that, head over heels.

I was the shadow girl, he treated me well and made me feel good, what is most surprising is that one day while I was on Facebook I saw that he commented on my friends post, I saw it through notification, I reached out to my friend instead of him and she told me he is her boyfriend, in her words her sugar daddy and by my calculation he started seeing her just a month after he asked me out, to be fair I don’t think he knows she is my friend but when I compared messages on whatsapp and SMS with my friend it’s same tone he uses in chatting with us.

He even takes care of her more than me from what she told me, perhaps because I played the good and independent girl. He knew I wasn’t with him for his money . I am hurt and devastated sister, I asked him and he told me to my face that I am not his wife neither is my friend , she is not even bothered by the way, she said it was all about the goodies for her .

I was almost going to get pregnant for this guy, to show how much I love him, he had plans for me or maybe he was fooling me now that I look back, I am angry and bitter, his facebook name is XYZ and you can contact my friend to ask her too if you feel I’m lying.

I want to tell his wife, this is the only way I feel I can be free from this pain; He is nonchalant and even called my bluff saying I only satisfied his marital lack while my friend was just an extra.

I am very sad sister. At 37 , how can I allow myself to be fooled, worst part is, I didn’t cheat on him in all my period with him sister, I was very true and sincere, I chased away other men for him and now he treats me like trash.”

Dear reader, what advice do you have for her please?

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5 responses to ““I Want To Report Him To His Wife For Dumping Me”- A Sister Needs Your Advice”

  1. Yomi Newton Mrs says:

    Just move on with your life. There is no reason for you to inflict pain to the wife by trying to avenge his act. Kindly leave the family out of it. Thank God for exposing his cassanovic duplicity this far. You will be astonished at the number of real men out there as you prayerfully get a man that would appreciate your genuine love. It could be a painful and nostalgic loss but not worth your tears. He will meet with his match one day but not at your own expense of joy. Appreciate your self and move on to greatness.

  2. Olufunmi ibk Akinfenwa says:

    You need to ask for God’s forgiveness first because I can see it from your post that you fell in love without doing any findings about him especially where he stays, his people and family perhaps the truth would have been revealed to you before any intimacy. I will suggest you wait for your time as per your age my dear sister is never too late with Christ Jesus and please don’t bother to inform his wife if the wife needs to know then it shouldn’t be from you. Don’t allow yourself to be used by Satan in destroying another persons home we might not tell who knows how the wife is going to take it so please stay off, may God forgives you and answer all your petitions in Jesus name. Amen.

  3. Stella Stella Babalola says:

    my advice to u is that u are not for him God has better plans for u and God don’t want u to be with a useless and heartless he goat,just tell his wife so as to be careful of her hegoat.Best of Luck

  4. Bonaji Akintade.. Prophet says:

    Pls sister… Better go more closer to God bcos u need is direction about ur life… U think u ar running out of time and u ar wasting ur time.Hw can u b sleeping with a man for 6month & u don’t no his back ground.. Bet wake up at 37 b4 is 2 late.pls focus on wot next to do with ur life & 4 get about d useless man 4 u not to b useless with him.. DAT is ur advice .Shalom

  5. Olumide says:

    The day u knew he was married is the day you supposed cut off the relationship yourself you need to even go to GOD FOR forgiveness so that when you eventually settle down with your own destiny husband satan will not bring nemesis against you.
    Just hint the man wife so that the woman will be at a safer side before she go contact HIV from the dog she married.

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