Warning Message For Celestial Choristers Worldwide

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Dear Choristers, message from one of the young but dynamite prophet in our church, Fisayo Joel has just been released out to the web, it’s a divine message concerning you and the better we make do with this, the better for us and the growth of our church.

Noyingbo-parish-choirow that you have been informed, it has become a sin when you indulge in it. May God give you the strength to abide by His rule and of course, the tenets of the church.

Before we go into the spiritual message, Baba Wole Adetiran, Music Director/Choirmaster CCC Worldwide sent a message to us that CCC Central Choir, worldwide weekly rehearsal starts this Friday, 6th of January, 2017 at CCC Central Choir Chapel, Ore Meji Bus-Stop, Ibafo, Ogun State. And for members from other states or far distance, the monthly special is billed for every last Friday of the month. The time is 10pm prompt. Be punctual and inform other members who are not reading this.

now the message for you all, “There’s no limitation in thanksgiving, that’s one of the reasons I will continue to let you know that “Ope gbogbo ijo” (General thanksgiving) is not even enough, engage in personal thanksgiving anywhere and everywhere (Thessalonians 5:18).

Come to think of it, most choir members don’t understand what THANKSGIVING means to God, if they do, they will never be praising any human being when rendering praises to God. Some of them turn thanksgiving session to personal praise poetry of an individual because of the token they will be given or spray as the normal language we use in Nigeria.

Listen carefully, you can sing and correlate your songs to what they are using as an offering (It’s allowed) but in a situation where you go astray from that, brethren you have no reward, no matter how sweet your voice can be and “Jehovah El Kanna” (Exodus 34:14) will surely be angry with you.

Wait a bit; do you think you sing for fun or to impress anyone during thanksgiving? No! Whenever you sing, the Angels are dancing while also recording it for you. That is when “Jehovah Yeshu’ Athai” (Exodus 6:3) will stamp your request for that day in heaven.

This is one of the reasons why you see some set of choir members, despite the token they try to acquire every Sunday by turning the church service to ‘Owambe’ party; their lives still remain the same because they have limited relationship with Jehovah Jireh when it comes to thanksgiving and preserving of the church’s tenets.

One of the secrets of victory is singing melodious songs in your heart to God (2nd Samuel 22:1).

The greatest singer of all time, Uncle King David, the greatest psalmist, reigned throughout his time and till date he still reign supreme as most of his songs are being used today by many singers of the world. The reason this is so is because he understood the secret behind sweet melody to God.

Back to you Sir/Ma who normally requests for special anthem of praises from the choir during thanksgiving period, I have good news for you; your service for that day has no single reward.

Maybe you are not aware before, but now that you know, I indulge you to do the right thing so that you can have your full blessings according to His plans for you.

Receive the grace to do the right thing now and forever more in Jesus name. (Amen)

I am Prophet Fisayo Joel.

7 responses to “Warning Message For Celestial Choristers Worldwide”

  1. ademuwagun says:

    truth talk,but how messages like this go round.any WhatsApp group chats.

  2. Evang Abraham sulaimon says:

    Celestial church is the only church that I will see that their choir master we be singing fuji and hip-hop and our elders including our shepherd we be dancing plus my brother and sister net but an end to it.

  3. grace Ojei says:

    Tnx sir 4d advise,may d perfect us all amen…..

  4. akinsiku abigail says:

    we choristers ave learnt a lot of lesson tanz for ur advise,sir ma.tanz

  5. Gbemileke says:

    What a good message for all the celestial members including me, few words us enough for the wise

  6. jeremiah says:

    Every thing I jst read on dis page is absolutely right, and come to it, da so called people dey praise in dir, song can’t even bless or help the singer at all…….” it was da way Uncle king David praised God, that is da reason God almighty said he his da man after God’s Heart”…..

  7. Mother in Celestial says:

    On point may Almighty God give us the earing ears nd listening heart to do what is right in his presence. May his Wisdom never seize in our lives

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